Is the office furniture I am buying expensive?

Is the office furniture I am buying expensive?

3 May, 2021

There are many different furniture pieces to choose when renewing or designing a new workspace. Tables, stools, arm chairs, benches, side tables, chairs, sofas…infinite office furniture supplies options of many shapes and forms to answer any requirement.

At this point, as an interior designer, we will think about what type of furniture is the most suitable for my office design project and where can I find the best pieces for it. Following my budget, perhaps I might consider if some office furniture are too expensive or are a great value for money. If we dig in even deeper, I might have to find sustainable pieces as it is one of the core values of the company for which I am designing this new space.

Developing a design project for an office and selecting each piece for it not only involves having to evaluate the price of office furniture, but also taking into account extras such as durability, sustainability, materials or the production costs and deadlines. Design does not have to be at odds with price.

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In this post from Viccarbe, as manufacturers of collaborative furniture for offices and singular spaces, we bring some tips that can be useful to ensure you are getting the best price for office furniture in your project.


5 tips to know if you have chosen the right furniture for your project

To design an inspiring and comfortable working space and environment, it is essential to consider every little detail of the business furniture.

As we have mentioned before, there are many aspects that come into consideration when buying collaborative furniture for the workspaces we are designing.

In today’s world, we can find hundreds of possibilities of office furnishings with a quality-price ratio that fits perfectly with any project we might start to do design. However, it is not easy to determine and choose which are the best pieces in this big and huge market. For this reason, we are going to detail some tips that will help you choose the right furniture:

Establish a budget

Before you start researching and browsing product catalogues, it is important to take time to understand how much budget you are going to spend on the purchase of office furniture price, as there is a wide range of prices on the market. Take into account that the price of the furniture is usually backed by its guarantee, functionality, personalised finish, durability and even if the materials used to manufacture it have a zero kilometer production philosophy.

Calculate the available space

You will also need to measure your space to know what kind of furniture you can buy and how to conclude the office layout design in the different areas. One of the best options is to choose business furniture that is both functional, versatile and can have more than one function. Also, before purchasing any furniture, it is important to consider whether you will need storage or whether office desks are to be shared between workers, for example. Choosing flexible, spacious and comfortable pieces of furniture will ensure that employees can carry out their tasks with enough space, freedom and ergonomics.

Choose furniture made of high-quality and noble materials

Depending on the location of the project and the activity of the business, furniture materials can differ considerably. It is best to select furniture made of durable, sustainable, high quality and long-lasting materials with a long service life, that will contribute to generate less impact in the environment.

Take into account the origin of the product

Depending on the country of origin of the furniture we have chosen, shipping costs can increase considerably, as well as having a bad impact on the environment. It is therefore important to take into account and research further the place of manufacture and origin of the product before making a decision.

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Viccarbe’s best pieces for offices

Here is a selection of our office furniture that works great in office environments, open collaborative spaces and kind workspots. We are committed to creating a flexible, versatile collection that encourages teams to interact and helps them to keep inspired and motivated throughout the day. Furniture that awakens creativity and connects teams with each other.

Maarten Plastic Chair

This polypropylene office chair is characterised by being very resistant and practical, allowing easy cleaning in shared rooms such as meeting rooms, dining rooms or auditoriums and being a good option for contained rooms as up to 10 chairs can be stacked together. With a starting price point of 130 euros, the Marteen Plastic chair is available in a wide range of bases: four legs, with wheels, pyramidal or swivel, and has the advantage of being a timeless piece, with a friendly design that fits in any room.

viccarbe_quality and price of office furniture_maarten plastic chair and burin table

Klip Chair

The chair Klip is very versatile, and works great in offices, conference rooms or restaurants. This modern chair can also be stacked and has a wide range of finishes available. Starting at 195 euros, its friendly price of this office furniture makes it the perfect piece for clients who need a large number of chairs for their offices but have a smaller budget.

viccarbe_klip chairs_quality and price of office furniture

Trino auxiliary Table

Viccarbe’s family of side tables includes this office table with nearly sculptural vibes, designed by Elisa Ossino. Starting at 230 euros, Trino low table was created with the aim of being practical as well as perfectly balanced. With a handle available in three different finishes (metal, marble and solid oak wood) it is perfect for moving it from one place to another, and bringing the right touch of sophistication into the space.

quality and price of office furniture_trino law table by salvatori and elena ossino

Trestle Table

British architect, John Pawson, designed this iconic and perfectly balanced table that allows us to create infinite compositions. With a very competitive price and quality, starting at 1.225 euros, the Trestle table is perfect for promoting teamwork and connecting teams together. This collection of modular tables comes in various finishes, lacquers and dimensions, as well as allowing for electrification and concealed wiring. It is available in three heights to adapt to any need.

viccarbe_trestle table_quality and price of office furniture

Are you thinking of acquiring business furniture for your office that promotes collaboration? At Viccarbe we offer you a wide collection of pieces for every project. If you are looking for the perfect piece for your office, check the product section on our website, where you will find everything about our collections.