Workspaces move outdoors

Workspaces move outdoors

1 May, 2021

Did you know that working outdoors can positively influence the creativity and productivity of office workers?

Work spaces have been transformed, there are no longer barriers between indoor and outdoor areas and, little by little, companies have taken the step of moving their offices to the open air, thus becoming spaces in which to share, be inspired and be more productive in our day by day lives.

The space where we work and where we spend long hours during the day has become for many professionals not only a place to work: Today, offices have also become areas where we bond with our colleagues, spaces where inspiration flows and where unique ideas are created and developed.

Offices are the space where we give the best version of ourselves, while growing for a common goal, that of our company.

In this Viccarbe’s post we tell you all the keys that you should take into account if you want to install an outdoor space in your office.

Workspaces move outdoors

Outdoor offices

The concept of indoor and outdoor offices has become a reality in many workplaces. Following the advent of COVID-19, many companies have looked to adapt and create open spaces in their offices. Outdoor offices are characterised by the fact they consist of large, outdoor locations.

According to a study by the Centre for Disease Control, meeting for work or break time with colleagues outdoors, rather than indoors, can slow the spread of COVID-19.

It is clear that open air offices are here to stay. In the future, these spaces will increase in companies, as they are not only positive in terms of COVID-19 avoidance, but also benefit the health of employees.

Workspaces move outdoors

4 benefits of open air office

Working outdoors can not only reduce the transmission of COVID-19 among a company’s professionals, but breathing fresh air outdoors can also reduce our stress, blood pressure and heart rate, levels that help us to self-regulate and feel more relaxed and aware.

Many companies set up working environments in open spaces such as terraces or roof terraces where their employees can work properly, weather permitting. Open spaces significantly increase the quality, both personally and professionally, of the workers, because:

Reduce stress

Listening to the sounds of the outdoors, feeling the sunlight or breathing fresh air are some of the factors that can help us to reduce the feeling of stress in our daily lives. Moreover, if we add to this a furniture composition totally connected with nature and the outdoor space, with resistant materials specially designed for offices, the working environment is, without a doubt, considerably improved.

They encourage teamwork

Good work teams are often formed in moments of leisure or entertainment. This is why many professionals spend their free time in the company of their colleagues: over coffee, on a walk home or discussing how the weekend has gone, for example. This type of socialising is particularly encouraged in open spaces and areas, where a sense of calm, repose and tranquility is conveyed.

They help to rest your eyes

When our eyes spend long periods of time in front of a screen, they can become tired and, in the long term, damaged. However, if we take breaks or work in an outdoor space, our eyes can rest and take a break from the computer or any other electronic device.

Improve creative capacity

When we break with the status quo, we are capable of empowering and devising ingenious and alternative proposals. If we get used to arriving early at the office, sitting at the same table and having coffee at the same time, we are turnin very generic and repetitive habits into something common. This can lead to stagnation in our thinking and creativity. Instead, if we change the way we work or the setting in which we meet, we can boost our imagination.

Workspaces move outdoors

How to create the best outdoor office with Viccarbe

The outdoor office environment consists of furniture such as tables and chairs, which can be individual or collective. In addition, it is essential to bear in mind that the furniture, being exposed to adverse weather conditions, must be designed and manufactured with high quality and resistant materials.

From Viccarbe, as manufacturer of collaborative furniture for offices and unique spaces, we show you some of the pieces from our outdoor collection that are best suited to outdoor spaces. These outdoor office furniture are made with specific materials to be used under a roofed space, as an extension of the office and to enjoy the outdoors.

Solar table.

Perfect if we want to create an outdoor concept of independence or privacy among our employees. Solar table, designed by Marc Krusin, allows each professional to move 360º according to their needs. With a steel structure, this piece has a charging system with an external battery available and a small hook where we can leave our belongings. Solar breaks with the disruptive, thus managing to promote new forms of work and collaboration for indoor and outdoor environments.

Workspaces move outdoors

Maarten Plastic chair.

Made from recyclable polypropylene, which makes it a versatile and highly durable piece, the Maarten Plastic chair, designed by Víctor Carrasco, integrates perfectly into outdoor projects. With a firm sea, it is characterised by being pleasant to the touch and by having a light and strong structure. Undoubtedly, the ideal outdoor office chair to spend our working hours in the office.

Workspaces move outdoors

Trestle table.

This minimalist and timeless table, designed by John Pawson, encourages collaboration and creativity, especially in outdoor spaces. The Trestle table is perfect for meetings, control sessions or outdoor workspaces. In addition, its three heights, its variety of materials, its dimensions and its option of electrification and cabling make it a unique product for any outdoor office.

If you are thinking of acquiring furniture for your outdoor office, Viccarbe, as manufacturers of contract furniture, office furniture and collaborative spaces, offers you a wide range of products for your project.

Check out our Solar Table and The Collaborative Outdoor catalogues for all the latest news.