Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

At Viccarbe we believe that sustainability is designing and producing furniture that will stay with us for the longest time possible. Furniture we won’t want to throw out. Consequently, the concept of environmental sustainability becomes important for Viccarbe from the furniture’s conception, right through its design until the end of its useful life cycle.

Our collection is not extensive because we are only interested in producing something that is genuinely worthy of becoming a contemporary classic.

Produce sensibly and consume no more than necessary. Quality ahead of quantity.

Viccarbe is environmental management system was ISO 14001 certified in 2007. This certification allows us to demonstrate appropriate environmental performance and an adequate control of the impact of our activities, services and products on the environment.

The benefits of this certification mean we can:

  • Assure the customer that appropriate environmental management is being carried out by showing proof of it.
  • Maintain a good relationship with the community and the general public by evaluating and minimising the environmental impact produced in the area.
  • Comply with the relevant environmental legislation.

Sustainably consume raw materials and energy, aiming to use our resources in a rational way without compromising future generations.

As we’ve already mentioned, the concept of sustainability is born in the early stages of the design. We try to design products with easily interchangeable parts, making it easier to recycle the various components at the end of their life cycle.

We take environmental impact into account when selecting raw materials. 98% of our suppliers are European, allowing us to minimise the environmental impact caused by transport. The remaining 2% come from the U.S.

We ensure that our production process makes the smallest environmental impact possible. For example, we use powder coating on all our metallic structures. We appropriately recycle all our waste with authorised agents.

We use wood that comes from sustainably managed loggins in all products indicated.

We carefully analyse the packaging of our product, using the quantity of cardboard, plastic or foam strictly necessary to avoid the product being damaged in any way during transport, while at the same time striking a balance with the environment.

For the distribution of our products we use groupage transport companies, ensuring that the trucks are full. For inter-continental transport we always go by sea. We only use aerial transport in urgent cases.

At Viccarbe, we believe that this is the way forward for all companies. To respect that which surrounds us.

You can download our Environmental Management Plan & Policy here.

The 2021 Environmental Report is also available here.

Check our latest release, The Journey to Sustainability, a new series of facts around sustainability, a new manifesto with the aim of inspiring environmentally-friendly attitudes around the world. Read more about it here.