Lievore Altherr Molina

Sistema Soft

Sofa with extra-comfortable interior, and a “wrinkled” and warmer look.



Jean-Marie Massaud

Ace Wood

An armchair of extraordinary comfort.

Pedro Paulo-Venzon

Giro & Bamba

Viccarbe has added Giro and Bamba to the exclusive collection ViccArte. Pedro Paulo-Venzon proposes on this occasion a redefinition of the perspectives that design usually works with.

Lievore Altherr Molina


The Sistema sofa includes a curated palette of elements that invites design interaction and expands possibilities.

John Pawson


Trestle represents the simplicity of line, geometry, rhythm and surface.
Discover the exquisite proportions of this collection designed by the minimalist John Pawson.

Piero Lissoni

Season chair

A cosy and chic design that includes hidden casters and offers a remarkable comfort.

Víctor Carrasco

Maarten Lounge Chair

First it was the chair; today we’re introducing the Maarten lounge chair.
A piece of elegant proportions that includes new shapes to the family.

Patricia Urquiola


An occasional table with strong personality and a sculptural look & feel.

Patricia Urquiola

Last Minute

Vibrant colors for our Last Minute stool.

Piero Lissoni

Season Sofa

Our new modular sofa consits in three modules that can create different compositions, ideal for common spaces and collaborative areas.

Lievore Altherr Molina


We have dreamed for years of creating a different type of sofa, unlike anything seen on the market…

John Pawson


With his usual elegance, Pawson surprises us once again with table of exquisite proportions and solid oak legs.

Tomoya Tabuchi


Nagi is an elegant piece, born to be a classic. It’s now available as armchair and rocking chair, also with soft upholstery, and with a new low height version.

Lievore Altherr Molina

Sistema Bench

When minimalism meets warmth.

Víctor Carrasco


Toan Nguyen


An armchair with a strong personality and balanced proportions for the home and public spaces; also available with a swivel base.

Kensaku Oshiro


Thanks to its geometric design, many units can be grouped together to create elegant configurations.

Piero Lissoni

Season mini

Season mini includes hidden casters and a handle, what makes this pouf a highly versatile and smart piece.

Piero Lissoni


Its singular shape -with two heights- allows different seating positions, making this bench a very valuable piece of furniture.

Marc Krusin


Sensual shapes and balanced proportions. The Wrapp armchair is now available with a new wooden legs base.

Naoto Fukasawa


Elegant modular system of seats and benches for collaboratives areas.

Vincent Van Duysen


Exquisite proportions, multiple compositions and surprising comfort.

Víctor Carrasco


Our Fedele collection is available in three versions: sofa, armchair and ottoman.

Ramón Úbeda & Otto Canalda

Up in the air

“Fish that aren’t fish. That seem to float in water that isn’t water.
They seem to be suspended in air that isn’t air. Just like a dream”.

RT Design


Lounge areas with a unique and recognizable Mediterranean style.

Ludovica & Roberto Palomba


Levitt has an elegant curved back and a striking appearence from all slides.

Víctor Carrasco

Maarten low table

Thanks to its innovative design, Maarten becomes a perfect synonim of minimalism, subtlety and visual lightness.

Jean-Marie Massaud


Handcrafted one by one; Ad-Hoc belongs to the exclusive ViccArte collection and can be found in the most prestigious locations around the world.


Jaime Hayon

Inspired by the physiognomy and movement of sharks, Jaime Hayon has created the Aleta collection.

Vincent Van Duysen


A collection of coat racks and umbrella stands, inspired by Donald Judd’s minimalist sculptures.

Víctor Carrasco


This occasional low table has multiple finish options for being used in many different spaces. Choose yours!


We inspire Mediterranean experiences for collaborative spaces.

Viccarbe is located in Valencia, a marvelous Mediterranean city where we enjoy more than 300 days of sun a year. This light has a great influence on our feeling for colours, warmth of materials and attention to detail. Overall, our sense of humour and the way we look after our friends is what makes us different.


New Catalogues
New Catalogues

New Catalogues

The new catalogues of the Viccarbe collection are already here. As a novelty this year we present two catalogues. PROJECTS where you will be able to see all our contract projects and HOME dedicated to residential.


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