An oak table with organic lines by Victor Carrasco, designed to add value and bring a touch of warm minimalism to domestic, hospitality and corporate environments.



A bistro-style table in oak wood, designed from ordinary and transformed into extraordinary.



Modern lounge chair designed for collaboration in & out. Super comfortable, with a well-balanced rounded silhouette and full of movement thanks to its practical optional casters.

by John Pawson


A minimalist table collection crafted in solid oak wood to add richness and kindness to any collaborative space.

Victor Carrasco

Savina sofa

As a collaborative island that enhances soft work, the sofa creatively materializes the evolution in our lifestyle and the growing stream of hybrid spaces.

Victor Carrasco

Cambio table

A versatile collection of central bases to create infinite possibilities for our tables made to work, lounge and unwind.

Stefan diez

Funda Bold

Brave, suggestive, and utterly comfortable. This oversize design lounge chair emphasizes slow working and comfortable lounging. Made to last.

Ludovica + Roberto Palomba

Levitt armchair

With the aim of being as versatile as the user requires, the armchair adapts to any space without stridency, with the exact dose of personality and with fluid forms that converse with everyone who sits in them.

Victor Carrasco

Cambio low table

The Cambio low table works in any area of the office or home and can be as big or as small as the space requieres.


Copa Soft

Meet Copa Soft, with a silhouette that is even more comfortable, inviting and enveloping for the collection of wide and finely balanced collaborative seats designed by Ramos & Bassols.

Sistema Legs collection

Sistema Legs Armchair

A comfortable design armchair for individual work and collaborative spaces of the office or the home.

Lievore Altherr Molina

Sistema Legs Corner

Comfortable and functional corner sofa, perfect for spaces with big proportions. Social seating is sorted thanks to Sistema’s generous proportions and comfortable layout.

Victor Carrasco

Maarten Plastic

Recyclable polypropylene chair, convenient for meeting rooms, modern restaurants, desks or shared spaces.

Viccarbe Icons

The Collaborative Outdoor

Viccarbe Collaborative Outdoor is raised to foster collaboration, productivity, creativity, observation, inspiration, and the personal growth of our teams, connecting us to nature and bringing back our cultural roots.

Sistema Collection

Infinite Compositions

Play with our Configurator to find the best composition for your projects with the Sistema sofa collection.

Patricia Urquiola

Burin table

With Burin table you can combine different finishes, heights and dimensions for the base and tabletop, adapting to the aesthetic requirements of each space.

Jaime Hayon


Upholstered chair designed by Jaime Hayon, thought for collaborative workspaces, public spaces, restaurants, and private use. An elegant chair that adds character to any room.

John Pawson


Minimalist table designed by John Pawson. Thanks to its multiple possibilities and dimensions, it is the best option for offices, restaurants and homes.

Funda Collection, by Stefan Diez

Designing to promote circular economy

Meet Funda, our most successful attempt to apply sustainability and comfort into contemporary design.



A contemporary wooden chair ready to be a furniture icon.


Season Pouf

Versatile poufs available in multiple sizes, adding a fun touch of color and functionality to any space. Includes hidden casters and electrification options.

Victor Carrasco


Functional table with a minimalist design, for use in any space and situation. Maarten enables infinite compositions due to the multiple finishes and dimensions available.

Marc Krusin

Solar table

A disruptive swivel table concept, designed by Marc Krusin, that leads to new ways of working and collaborating for both Indoor and Outdoor scenarios.



Wooden chair with a curved wooden board and metallic structure designed by Mario Ferrarini. A convenient option that can be stacked in large quantities.



With an enveloping backrest and a seat of generous proportions, Copa adapts to any space, guaranteeing great comfort.



The minimalist bench stands out by its polyvalence and use, being the perfect choice for collaborative spaces, offices and waiting rooms.

Victor Carrasco


The Keel shelves are made of solid oak wood, emerging gently from the wall. An exercise of reflection on art and functionality.

Piero Lissoni

Season Sofa

Our  modular sofa consits in three diffrent modules that can create different compositions, in many shapes or forms.

Víctor Carrasco


A versatile stool collection available in several finishes, bases and upholsteries. Great for restaurants, bars, collaborative spaces and halls.

Vincent Van Duysen


Designer coat racks and umbrella stands by Vincent Van Duysen. More than just functionality.

Designed in the sun

We manufacture contemporary furniture for collaborative spaces.

Professional Area

Professional Area

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Our Clients

Our Clients

We are part of collaborative workspaces of global brands such as IBM, Google, Apple and many more.


Our collection is the result of years of collaboration with renowned designers.

Maarten, Ecoalf Edition

Maarten, Ecoalf Edition

Our iconic Maarten, now available with recycled fabrics from Ecoalf, the sustainable fashion brand.

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