Ancillary furniture: the latest trend for collaborative offices

Ancillary furniture: the latest trend for collaborative offices

20 June, 2022

Collaborative offices and auxiliary furniture have become very popular the previous years. Companies have understood the benefits that hybrid, multipurpose and dynamic workspaces bring to employees. Improving the work environment is essential to increase the team’s quality of life, engagement, and performance.

So, what role does ancillary furniture play in these new workspaces? Why has it become a major trend in multiple companies around the world? Discover with Viccarbe how ancillary furniture can be a defining factor in the interior design of any office, corporative and public space.

Ancillary furniture: the latest trend for collaborative offices

Ancillary furniture to improve the work experience

The hospitality sector has left a great legacy in the design of office furniture. Just as a hotel seeks to greet guests the best way possible or a restaurant wants to take care of its diners, companies have the same objective with their workers.

Therefore, it is important to put the team’s experience at work at the center of interior design. If in architecture we study the zoning or segmentation of the space, in interior design it is imperative to create flexible environments that integrate different atmospheres in an organic and natural way. And, in this sense, ancillary furniture is fundamental.

Collaborative furniture as a complement and extension of the individual workstations. Choosing these has a direct impact on the team’s procedures and overall experience. Break rooms and lounging areas dressed with armchairs, sofas and poufs. Stools and counter-height tables for a morning pick-me-up or a quick casual meeting. Sofas, benches, or coffee tables for exchanging ideas. Furniture to decorate every corner of the office, giving it a more informal, playful, and functional allure.

Corners that encourage transparency, inspiration, companionship, and teamwork. Slowly but steadily, they have been gaining territory to become the true heart of the office.

Ancillary furniture: the latest trend for collaborative offices

Our selection of ancillary office furniture

Collaboration and co-creation are two of the values that define Viccarbe’s philosophy. Therefore, we understand the urgent need for companies to transform their classic settings into more kind, flexible, dynamic, and multipurpose workspaces. It is our mission to design furniture pieces that enhance flexible working and improve the experience and performance of people in the office.

We have developed a selection of ancillary furniture, in collaboration with the most renown international designers such as Patricia Urquiola, John Pawson, Piero Lissoni, Stefan Diez or Jaime Hayon, which is ideal to upgrade the overall user experience at the workspace.

Ancillary furniture: the latest trend for collaborative offices