Modular furniture: the ideal choice in office interior design

Modular furniture: the ideal choice in office interior design

7 July, 2022

The business world is experiencing a big transformation, with remote working and hybrid solutions becoming increasingly popular. For this matter, offices are playing a key role, as they can contribute to attract and retain talent, boost creativity and productivity, and improve the overall working environment.

Modular furniture has become the best ally for new collaborative offices because of its flexibility, ergonomics, sustainability, and open concepts. This type of furniture offers great versatility to any environment due to its infinite combinations. Modular furniture is a trend in the interior design of hybrid workspaces as it enhances individual work, but also fosters team collaboration.


Flexible and collaborative spaces

Nowadays, modular furniture offers excellent features, finishes and possibilities, which is why it has emerged as a solution for collaborative offices. Multi-purpose pieces that give great flexibility to workspaces. Modular sofas that function as a flexible meeting, gathering or lounging spot. Side tables ideal for sharing a coffee or brainstorming ideas. Benches that encourage interaction, connection, and creativity among team members.

All of them designed to nurture synergies, provide a moment of disconnection, and offer a pleasant working experience thanks to their comfort and Mediterranean design. Thus, Viccarbe’ s Trestle collection appears as the ultimate line to reinvent collaboration and perform and the daily work. Composed by a bench that allows infinite compositions and comfortable seating for multiple users and a modular table with a minimalist and timeless design that will achieve a balanced atmosphere in any collaborative space. Whether it is indoors or outdoors.

Modular furniture: the ideal choice in office interior design

Optimize space

Modular furniture can also be lightweight, multifunctional, and capable of suiting any environment effortlessly. Therefore, they can be perfect for contained spaces. They adapt to any space layout and can have multiple uses to make the most out of any room. In this way, they allow you to manage and optimize space to the maximum.

Our Common collection, composed by benches and side tables, is a versatile modular system that acts as a meeting point in collaborative spaces. It is a set of pieces that encourage collaboration between users, while offering infinite compositions and long-lasting seating solutions. Multiple dimensions, shapes, and heights to connect spaces and transform them into comfortable gathering hubs.

Modular furniture: the ideal choice in office interior design

Endless combinations

This type of furniture offers almost infinite combinations to suit any space. With a little creativity, you can create remarkable and unique spaces in total aesthetic balance. Modular furniture has been designed to be combined and paired together with other pieces, so it will be quite easy to find the composition that best suits your needs.

In addition, modular furniture can customizable and easy to move around, capable of being integrated smoothly into any atmosphere or corner of the home or the office. This aspect allows it to last over time and helps to give it a second life. Ancillary furniture with endless possibilities and with the ability of being relocated and look always fresh.

In this sense, the Savina collection is a perfect solution to foster collaborative comfort. Thanks to its innovative production process, it promotes circular economy, as each of its parts can be recycled separately after years of severe tear and wear. A collection of modular design furniture composed by armchair, sofa, and chaise longue. Savina is comfortable and enveloping; friendly and versatile. A collection with visual and physical comfort with a comprehensive approach.

Modular furniture: the ideal choice in office interior design

Perfect for indoor and outdoor

Gradually, offices are turning into open concepts that look outdoors and integrate nature and biophilic design. Therefore, the implementation of modular furniture can be a remarkable success. It is resistant, timeless, and multifunctional furniture that makes indoor and outdoor work possible.

For this matter, Viccarbe’s Sistema collection of sofas, armchairs and benches becomes an opportunity for collaborative spaces that connect indoor spaces with outdoor areas. Modular pieces that favor comfort thanks to their countless compositions. A collection specially designed to become the central meeting point for sharing and creating.

Modular furniture: the ideal choice in office interior design

These are just some of the advantages of choosing modular furniture when designing a collaborative space, a home or an office. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to browse Viccarbe’s collections to find the piece that best suits your needs.