Which table is the most suitable for my collaborative office?

Which table is the most suitable for my collaborative office?

3 June, 2021

As professionals we spend a lot of our day after day time in an office. Gone are completely closed offices, the fixed desks that isolated workers from each other or the meeting rooms with opaque and closed walls.

Working requires a great deal of effort, both physical and mental, on the part of the office workers. It is therefore essential to choose flexible furniture consisting of comfortable, high-quality tables and chairs to make everyday work more pleasant.

At Viccarbe, as a manufacturer of contemporary furniture for collaborative spaces, we would like to explain some of the characteristics for selecting the perfect office desk, as well as showing you some examples of them.

If you are looking for a collaborative table that fits perfectly in your office project, this is your post.

Which table is the most suitable for my collaborative office?

6 features to choose the right table

Shared desks, collaborative desks, informal desks, desks that allow sharing moments and knowledge in a relaxed way. More and more companies have decided to change the ways they work, in terms of the structures of the spaces, incorporating furniture that allows certain  functions to be carried out in a collaborative and creative way and that encourages the participation of the different members of the team.

In this particular case, the collaborative tables are characterised by the fact that they are pieces where people can work together, encouraging creativity and brainstorming. This type of space is an essential element for becoming more productive with our group of colleagues, sharing knowledge, ideas or thoughts on the project we are developing.

In terms of the requirements and characteristics that should be taken into account when choosing a suitable desk for a collaborative office, the following can be found:

Which table is the most suitable for my collaborative office?

Layout of the space

The first thing to do before choosing a table for a collaborative space is to know how much space we have. In some cases, spaces are often improvised, used as rest areas as well as meeting rooms. Therefore, it is necessary to incorporate a table that is flexible, adaptable and easy to move in order to make the most of the possibilities of the room.

Office desk size

It is not about acquiring the biggest table and the one on which the most people can work. Sometimes, depending on the spaces available, there is the possibility of adding a table or a wing, enlarging the size of the table itself only when necessary, thus increasing the versatility of the product.

Ergonomics at the table

Ergonomics is a discipline that is not only linked to office chairs, but is also related to any type of furniture in a company. If we include in our spaces correctly adapted tables, with the height of the work surface, we will ensure that our workers do not suffer in the future from physical injuries due to poor posture.

Which table is the most suitable for my collaborative office?

Furniture market

The normal height of an office desk should not exceed 75 centimeters, which is the recommended height to ensure that our forearms are correctly supported. If you opt for higher desks, you will have to take into account that you will have to use stools or office chairs that are higher than a normal chair.

Furniture structure

Table legs must not obstruct the office space. Before purchasing a desk for a workspace design project, its structure should be considered in order to create organic, linear spaces that do not physically obstruct or hinder the flow of the space.

Office functionality

Depending on the type of work to be carried out, we will need one type of table or another. Did you know that round tables create a sense of equality for the people who gather around them? They also promote much smoother communication than a large, long table. In the case of rectangular tables, they are a more suitable type of table for formal meetings where more serious decisions are taken.

Which table is the most suitable for my collaborative office?

Best desks for collaborative offices

The desks for open spaces that we design and manufacture at Viccarbe are designed to offer a suitable working environment characterised by elegant, innovative, simple pieces with a certain global identity. Each and every one of our pieces are 100% designed to promote communication and encourage the creativity of its users.


Designed by Víctor Carrasco, the Maarten Table consists of our minimalist legs with a simple and functional structure. With a thickness of 5 millimetres, this piece is very light, which makes it perfect for any collaborative space. It also has a wide range of finishes and compositions: with wheels, different sizes or with covers, among others.


With this piece its designer Patricia Urquiola wanted to pay tribute to traditional wood carving tools. Available in various heights and with a double version for large spaces and meeting rooms, the Burin Table has a compact laminated surface in various sizes and formats.

Which table is the most suitable for my collaborative office?

Aleta Table.

In 2018, designer Jaime Hayon created the Aleta collection, inspired by the movement of sharks. With a modern, friendly and very functional aesthetic, the table is available in different heights and finishes. The Aleta Table is perfect for collaborative spaces, restaurants and rooms that require lightweight pieces that provide comfort.


John Pawson surprises us again with this tale of ample proportions and dimensions. The Trestle Table, available in various dimensions, finishes and lacquers, is perfect for smart public spaces or collaborative offices. It also has a worktop version that is perfect for working at mid-height.

Which table is the most suitable for my collaborative office?

What did you think of this post? In Viccarbe we are experts in designing tables to be included in collaborative spaces. If you are looking for the perfect table for your collaborative office, go to the tables section of our website, where you can find each and ever one of our pieces.