Stepping into Patricia Urquiola’s studio

Stepping into Patricia Urquiola’s studio

25 May, 2021

Viccarbe started its journey at the same time as Patricia Urquiola opened her first design studio. Mutual understanding and collaboration soon emerged. Her first design for Viccarbe was Last Minute back in 2006, and later came the low tables Tiers and Burin Mini, and finally, Burin table. It was trust at first sight.

Today we step into the Spanish designer’s studio in Milan, Italy. The team needed a new and practical collaborative space, and Burin together with Maarten Plastic chairs were the perfect fit.

patricia urquiola collaborative spaces viccarbe despacho oficina

Burin stepped into our collection with a sculptural soul yet a very functional use. A comfortable and highly versatile piece that is so much more than a table. It is the heart of the room, the place to share, connect and collaborate towards a common goal.

Its integrated electrifications help the team to keep always connected and let creativity flow.

connectivity electrificaciones mesa burin viccarbe

Configure Burin

Play with our Configurator to find the best Burin table for your project. Combine different finishes for the base and tabletop, add integrated electrifications in a discreet way for extra functionality and visualize, in real time, how it would look in your desired space.

mesa burin configurador de producto mesa configurable personaliza viccarbe