Alejandro Hernández and the value of the workspace environment

Alejandro Hernández and the value of the workspace environment

17 May, 2021

The environment in which you work is key to help maintain inspiration and feel comfortable performing your duties on a day-to-day basis. Long hours are spent in the office, so transforming the workplace into a welcoming space, by choosing versatile, functional, and comfortable furniture is one of the secrets to boost productivity and motivation of the teams.

In Viccarbe we create collaborative furniture for welcoming spaces to encourage teams to be part of a whole, fully develop their potential and make them feel included and inspired in their daily activities, which can contribute to increase their productivity and motivate them to continue progressing.

We strive daily to design an environment based upon respect, trust, and communication between the different areas of the company. It is vital for us to have a formed and enthusiastic team, that breathes our Mediterranean philosophy. To grow it is essential to listen different points of views, stay up to date with the latest trends and necessities. This way it is always easier to bring solutions that contribute to make our lives more beautiful.

Alejandro Hernández is a businessman, professor and author of the books ‘Vender es fácil, si sabe cómo’ and ‘Negociación para Dummies’ among others. He has been sharing his expertise, offering seminars and conferences about learning how to listen, the success of an accurate negotiation and the definite sell for over 20 years.

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Hernández comments that “taking care of the work environment is key, it must be taken into consideration that it is also a place to enjoy” and he shares with us the following thoughts:

«Antonio was one of my area Managers at Bang & Olufsen in Valencia, Spain. In one of his visits to the stores, I remember he pointed out to the store manager the following: “It is nice to see how you take care of this plant”. I was astonished by his comment and asked: “Why are you saying this to her? Isn’t this part of her daily duties?” To what Antonio replied, “I have seen that every time I point out a certain behavior, I achieve a positive outcome.” And this was true. If Antonio did not mention anything about the plant, the store manager will believe no one values and appreciates her job, and the plant will wither. If you say something about her tasks, the manager will repeat that performance. »

Point out a correct behavior and you will achieve a positive outcome

«People are like plants, we bloom with light and the warmth of sincere affection, and we wither with darkness and the coldness of criticism. Take care of your team and they will put their hand on fire for you. The most important asset in your company are not clients but the people who take care of them! If these people work with enthusiasm, they will excite your clients. If they are not enthusiastic, how will they ever delight them? If you do not care about them, how will they ever care about you? »

Take care of the work environment

«The environment is like a plant pot. If a plant does not bloom, take care of the pot where it grows. When you design and create an atmosphere where people feel safe, you will make their talent flourish. Do not worry about contributing with the best ideas, worry about creating an environment where good ideas thrive. »

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