9 office tips to improve work productivity

9 office tips to improve work productivity

27 April, 2021

Being productive in our work consists of making the most out of ourselves, being organised and giving a coherent priority to the tasks we have pending, taking advantage of our time in a structured and balanced way. Productivity in companies can involve many things: innovating on a daily basis, working with other members of the team, producing constantly or going deeper into important issues.

“Investing a single euro in the design of an excellent working environment has a return on investment of 49%”.

These facts come from the consulting firm CBRE, in relation to a study in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the University of Keio (Japan).

Many employees must learn to organize, plan and establish a series of tasks or key points to avoid falling into inactivity in the office when performing their work. Something as simple as making a better distribution of the office, setting some rules to develop tasks or create a comfortable workspace atmosphere for employees are things that can help us to increase the overall productivity of our staff.

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If you seek a change in the work environment of your company, in order to motivate and encourage employees in being more productive, here we share with you some office tips on how to be more productive in your workspace.

9 office tips to improve work productivity

Productivity and collaboration is mainly fostered by the company culture, the correct workspace atmosphere, a good office layout and the latest technology assets. It is essential to have an adequate space to work, where users feel inspired and comfortable to properly perform their daily functions.

Correctly managing the time available, as well as the different pending tasks, should be applied in our day-to-day work to achieve maximum productivity in the office; especially in those circumstances in which our job can become tedious.

Establish work zones

Design pleasant and quiet spaces in your offices or opt for an outside office that allow employees to meet and work as a team, enhancing collaboration when necessary. For example, the Sales Department should be located together in the same workplace, so each employee can develop their functions with their colleagues whenever required.

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Create a clean and tidy workspace

A good office layout with kind and flexible furniture is crucial to be productive. Using drawers or cupboards to organise all the files in the office and keep them out of sight, store neatly the electronic devices such as laptops or computers can contribute to general wellbeing. Keeping desks tidy will allow teams to find the documents and information in a much more quick and efficient manner.

Encourage interaction between employees through collaborative workspaces

We understand collaborative spaces to be all those open-plan offices whose main objective is to promote collaboration between teams. Depending on the distribution we choose for the office, we can boost the productivity of the employees. For example, choosing versatile furniture and placing it in a suitable place is essential to increase user experience and design collaborative workspaces that encourage interaction between the employees. Each piece of collaborative furniture should be adapted to the type of work carried out in the office, as well as its tones, materials and ergonomics.

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Set key tasks

When we arrive at the office, it is important to carry out the most complex tasks first, as this is the time when we are most active, awake and clear. On the other hand, the last hours of the working day can be spent on tasks that are less time-consuming and simpler.

Dialogue and teamwork

There are many employees in the office with whom we will sometimes have to hold meetings, coordinate projects or work together. It is therefore important that we maintain close and personal contact with them. After all, we share many hours of work: it is those concerns, experiences and unique moments shared with our colleagues that will take us from being mere workers to a solid team and even a working family.

Take a few minutes to plan your week

This is essential and will only take a few minutes. It is all about starting the week off right by understanding and organising the daily tasks. Likewise, planning our week in the office will not only help us to be more productive, but will also give us confidence and self-assurance.

Take breaks

Generally, a normal work day in the interior design industry is much longer than four hours, therefore, taking five-minute breaks every time we finish an important task, in order to be able to unwind and return to your tasks much stronger. We should also take a break of around 15-20 minutes to grab a bite, or stretch our legs and even chat with our colleagues.

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Stop multitasking

Everyone wants to perform their best at their job. However, it is more than proven that multitasking does not usually have the best results. Take your time to tackle each task, review it, do your research, and try to achieve the best possible outcome. When we dedicate the necessary time we will definitely achieve a better result.

Enjoy your work

When we enjoy what we do, we are much happier and that is transmitted in the outcome. Being a good professional does not mean losing our passion for what we do. Make sure you remember daily why you do what you do, why you chose the role and what are the challenges you wish to accomplish. Make everyday an adventure.

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There are many benefits of working in an office, so it is important to maintain a good working environment in these spaces to get the most out of employees. What did you think of this post?