How to design collaborative spaces and what furniture to choose

How to design collaborative spaces and what furniture to choose

8 April, 2021

Conventional meeting rooms are no longer the only spaces where startups, small and medium enterprises, large companies or entrepreneurs work to transform their organisations. Collaborative spaces have become work areas that improve and encourage communication between the different professionals in companies.

Users often feel better about themselves when they perform certain functions in familiar surroundings, such as a living room or a space where they can have a coffee with their respective work colleagues. It is in these collaborative working environments where we regain our self-confidence and are encouraged to participate regularly.

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We have written this post to explain what collaborative working spaces are, what benefits they can offer to different companies and which collaborative furniture is the best for this type of projects.

What collaborative spaces are

We can define this type of layoutas all those open-plan offices and workspaces whose main objective in choosing and distributing the furniture to favour collaboration between coworkers.

The vast majority of these spaces lack walls or structures that divide or separate the different departments, to enhance and foster communication without detracting from the privacy of the workers.

Although they share this common characteristic, each office, collaborative classroom or collaborative space is unique: they are designed to meet the day-to-day needs of each company, but always bearing in mind that the main objective of these spaces is to stimulate conversation between workers without any architectural obstacles.

Advantages of choosing collaborative spaces

Collaborative spaces have arrived as an innovative alternative that offers hundreds of new opportunities and advantages in the society in which we live, requiring speed amongst a world of excess of information, and where it is increasingly difficult to get a team to dedicate sufficient time to developing a project.

That is why at Viccarbe we have opted for the design of collaborative spaces: to offer the possibility of stopping, sharing, communicating and transmitting; so that a team can develop its work all together, creating a space where everyone’s opinions matter. In addition,, this type of setting has a very positive impact on the companies that opt for it:

Increased creativity

Thanks to this new space layout, employees from different departments of the company have the possibility to share their experiences and points of view, encouraging ideas, brainstorming and creativity.

Sense of community

Being separated by walls and isolated from other colleagues can lead to a loss of motivation at work. In contrast, thanks to collaborative spaces, workers are in constant contact with their colleagues, which brings values of unity and commitment and fosters a sense of community and belonging.

Development of productivity

The aforementioned advantages mean that the different employees of companies are increasingly more productive in their jobs, so we can affirm, without a doubt, that collaborative spaces help to increase the productivity of workers.

Which collaborative workspace furniture to choose for your project

Choosing the right furniture for a project is not an easy task. Interior design softwares help us to get an idea of what we want and how we want it, but it is not easy. The concept of collaborative space is relatively new; for this reason we have made a selection of Viccarbe’s best sellers designed for this type of space:

Trestle Table and Last Minute Stool

The Trestle Table was designed in collaboration with British architect John Pawson, while the Last Minute Stool is the joint-venture with Patricia Urquiola. On the one hand, the Trestle Table, with wooden legs, allows the creation of infinite compositions, which benefits companies that need to work as a teamin order to present their projects, as well as for workshop sessions. It is also featured by its very large dimensions, as well as being a very resistant piece, with fine and elegant lines. Its invisible electrification options make Trestle the perfect solution for open work environments, achieving a minimalist but very functional design. 

On the other hand, the Last Minute Stool is a great addition to the new office concept. This stool is distinguished by its different available sizes: the high desk version is suitable for lounging rooms; the medium version is used in open work rooms; and the smaller version is suitable as a back up to support unplanned meetings at employee desks. The combination of these two pieces allow us to achieve the desired effect of spaciousness and communication.

Also find out what collaborative chairs are and how they can help you create a collaborative office and an open and friendly environment.

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Sistema Sofa and Serra Low Table

The first was designed in collaboration with Lievore Altheer Molina. Sistema is a highly versatile modular sofa that permits infinite combinations according to the needs of each space. It can be personalised in different ways, choosing between the type of armrest, backrest, seats and accessories. The Sistema Sofa is the perfect choice for meeting rooms or lounges, as its armrest position with table is perfect, for example, for taking notes in meetings. The Serra Low Table, on the other hand, is suitable for delimiting the division spaces in sofas and armchairs, ensuring the correct distance between users. A very useful piece for holding meetings between several members of a team, thus ensuring that the rules of social distancing are respected.

Common Bench

Designed in collaboration with Naoto Fukasawa, the Common Bench is perfect for connecting multi-use spaces. Common Bench is characterised for being a key piece in collaborative spaces thanks to its organic and rounded shapes that bring comfort to the employee who sits on it. It is used in welcoming spaces, halls and lounges, as well as in meeting rooms. A popular choice in the headquarters of companies such as Google or LinkedIn, where employees connect and meet  to come up with new ideas and synergies.

Season Pouf

Thispiece is designed by Piero Lissoni, an extension of the successful Season bench, now brings small independent poufs that are highly useful thanks to their concealed casters and integrated handle. It now also has the option of including integrated electrification, allowing users to be connected at all times. Season Pouf brings dynamism to the environment and is optimal for brainstorming sessions, team meetings or for rest rooms. It is available in multiple colors and finishes that adapt to any space layout.

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Are you considering designing a collaborative workspace? Do not forget that at Viccarbe we can advise you on your project, resolving any doubts you may have about our furniture or any other queries you may have.

At Viccarbe we design, manufacture and distribute zero-kilometer furniture worldwide. Access our catalogues to see all the combinations of furniture and find out which one is best suited to your project.