How to choose the right furniture for your project

How to choose the right furniture for your project

3 May, 2021

According to Ana Utrilla, interior designer: “75% of the interior design of a place directly influences our health and mood”.

Design spaces should not only be attractive, they should also be practical, versatile and comfortable. Interior designers must have the knowledge and experience to know how to choose the right furniture for each project, understanding the space they have to work with.

In this post by Viccarbe, we give you the best tips to easily find the right furniture for your projects.


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Tips for choosing the right furniture for your project

In order to develop an interior design project, covering each of the necessary requirements, we must be clear about some steps prior to the choice of furniture that will also directly influence the success of the design:

Analysis of the project

The first phase is the one that establishes the objectives, through an analysis and a study of the scope of the project. In this first point, the interior designer must specify with the client what his tastes, expectations, ideas and objectives are. In addition, one of the key actions at this point is to analyze in detail the space in order to take into account all its features.

How to choose the right furniture for your project

Choosing a color palette to follow the same line

Within the project it is also essential to define the space layout, the style and the colors to be used. The selection of a color palette will define how the furniture and the decorative objects will be. There are different tools that can help you find the perfect color palette and tones, such as Coolors.co, which easily selects different color ranges according to our needs.


How to choose the right furniture for your project

Choosing the furniture style

The link between furniture, decorative objects and space must be clearly established to achieve coherence in our design. Before filling the space with furniture without personality or character , it is necessary to clearly state the design we are trying to achieve for our project. These are some of the most demanded styles:

Minimalistic style.

This type of decoration that was born in the 60’s in the United States and is the most suitable for customers who like simple and clean dispositions, those who opt for less is more, and for spaces that convey tranquility. Within minimalism, furniture is distinguished by having cold colors, very similar to the walls and floors. In the minimalist style, smooth, fresh, simple spaces with uniform lines stand out.

Bohemian style.

This type of decoration is featured by combining different colors, textures, and casual elements, an appeal to life, freedom and autonomy. The colors used in these environments are warm and striking, predominantly reddish, yellow or orange tones. The materials that stand out in the bohemian style are warm woods, cozy textures that evoke happiness and fabrics with bright colors.

Rustic style.

Rustic styles are reminiscent of more homely spaces, providing comfort, warmth and well-being. In this type of decoration, created at the beginning of the 20th century, wooden floors are used, in warm tones and with a lot of luminosity. Different textures to achieve an air of well-being throughout the space.

Mediterranean style.

Viccarbe’s furniture is nourished by this style. It is distinguished by having compositions where light predominates and is reflected in pure colors, the warmth of the materials and, above all, in the care for the small details. This type of decor seeks to create spaces with amplitude that in turn mix kind textures, to achieve a connection and balance between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Number of spaces to be furnished

In this step we will have to see what kind of space we have to furnish and the number of pieces to include. Our client will have to specify the exact number of areas that require to be designed and include new furniture in. Then, the task of the interior designer will be to choose the best quality furniture, manufactured with honesty and, whenever possible, respecting the environment.

How to choose the right furniture for your project

Budget we have available to choose the furniture

Once we know the scope and every detail of our project, we must create a budget to stick to during the execution of our tasks. We advise you to include flexible, multi-functional furniture that is versatile and has more than one use. In short, furniture that allows us to cover the client’s needs using only one piece.

If you already know how to carry out a good interior design, combining all the perfect pieces and choosing the right furniture for your project, the next step will be to choose the pieces that will bring your project to life. To do this, you can check interior design inspiration or our Mediterranean Magazine, a catalogue/magazine where you can discover the latest news in collaborative furniture for your projects and read interviews of the industry, among other interesting topics.

In addition, Viccarbe offers you the possibility of working with our catalog through pCon.Planner, the free platform for professionals in the design world, which will help you prepare 3D designs and configure projects in a simple, agile and fast way. Thanks to this interior design software, you will be able to create compositions with all the pieces of furniture in our collection as well as generate accurate budgets in just one click. It is the moment to start designing with pCon.