Slow Design: for furniture that stands the test of time

Slow Design: for furniture that stands the test of time

16 May, 2023

From the ephemeral to the timeless. From quantity to quality. From mass production to craftsmanship. From consumerism to investment. The ‘Slow Design’ movement was born as a response to the current needs of both users and the planet. A palpable trend in the world of fashion and, increasingly, in furniture design, interior design and architecture.

‘Slow Design’ advocates the conscious process behind the manufacture of each individual piece. It is a new concept that celebrates a slower pace of life in which only products that bring joy, practicality and comfort to users are created. It brings back the care, attention to detail and craftsmanship of each design. ‘Slow design’ values each of its processes: from the first sketch to the finished product.

To find out more about this new philosophy that already reigns in the design of furniture for offices, contract, and home, discover all the details about ‘Slow Design’ with Viccarbe hereunder.

Slow Design: for furniture that stands the test of time

The Keys to Slow Design

Slow Design takes time. It is a true tribute to craftsmanship and manual work. Unique pieces designed to avoid obsolescence and to last. To achieve this, the following five principles are essential and must be present.


Respect for the environment is inherent in pieces produced slowly and consciously. Natural or recycled materials, local production and sustainable manufacturing techniques are particularly important to minimize the impact on the environment. An example of this is our 100% recyclable polypropylene chair Maarten Plastic designed by Victor Carrasco. A timeless, versatile, and resistant piece that will provide mindful comfort to collaborative spaces, offices, hotels, and homes.

Quality and durability

Quality always goes hand in hand with durability. Producing slowly by combining craftsmanship with the latest techniques rises furniture made to last, that adapts to individual needs and transforms itself to new uses. Speed and quantity in the production processes are left behind to release new, long-lasting, and quality furniture.

Slow Design: for furniture that stands the test of time


The flexibility and versatility of modular furniture make it a major player in ‘Slow Design’. Sofas, chaise longues, tables and benches create infinite compositions to meet the needs of indoor and outdoor users. In this way, Viccarbe’s Trestle, Common, Savina or Sistema collections offer great features, finishes and possibilities while promising a long useful life.


Neither trends nor passing fashions. Slow Design furniture shuns the classic design of the masses to focus on timeless pieces with simple lines that are committed to ergonomics and functionality. Enduring, quiet luxury furniture created to be enjoyed generation after generation.

Slow Design: for furniture that stands the test of time

Collaborative design

For Slow Design furniture’, designers create their own comfort zone. A space in which to spend time finding oneself, understanding the needs of the end user, exploring, and getting to know the background. In short, a place of calm and serenity where one does not rush through the design process, but rather enjoys it. That is why at Viccarbe we work hand in hand with the best international design professionals to create our collections. In this way, we are infused with their savoir faire, their boundless creativity, and their genuine universe. Stefan Diez, Patricia Urquiola, Jaime Hayon, Elisa Ossino, Naoto Fukasawa and Piero Lissoni are just some of the great faces of design who have left their mark on Viccarbe’s path towards excellence and quality.

Slow Design: for furniture that stands the test of time

Embracing ‘Slow Design’ is imperative for the context in which we live. This concept is presented as the starting point and designers as responsible for charting the path towards sustainability. Thinking to design slow means building less but doing it better. Undoubtedly, a new movement that redefines the concept of quiet luxury through the dedication of craftsmanship.