Coworking or coliving? All the answers you need

Coworking or coliving? All the answers you need

17 May, 2023

Sharing is living. While coworking spaces are fully consolidated in the working sector, coliving, or shared-occupancy housing, are beginning to gain more and more popularity amidst users. This is why, on Viccarbe’s blog, we are going to review the main differences between this concept that is now so much more than a buzzword among digital nomads. It is now a way of life.

Being able to live and share a home with like-minded people. Travelling and working from anywhere in the world with the freedom and flexibility to experience new sensations, cultures, and meeting people from different backgrounds. Undoubtedly, the future will be shared, or it will not be.

Coworking or coliving? All the answers you need

Coworking: the forerunner of collaborative spaces

A few years ago, coworking revolutionized the contract market. Innovative collaborative spaces where, day by day, professionals from different areas or disciplines came to work in a shared space. In these collective spaces, an interesting business network is established, and solid synergies are created.

These joint workplaces invite movement, companionship, creativity, and social involvement. Coworkings have a positive impact in the community and always count with an impeccable interior design that attracts users. They are bright, versatile, and dynamic spaces that offer much more than just a workstation. Open-plan rooms bathed in natural light, communal desks that encourage collaboration and participation, all with modular furniture that adapts to the needs of the different users.

In this way, coworkings are designed not only for business, but also for resting, unwinding, and socializing. The introduction of lounge areas, outdoor zones and biophilic design help to reduce stress levels and improve the quality of life of the end user.

Coworking or coliving? All the answers you need

Coliving: the future of shared housing

Home sharing is a very common practice nowadays. Even at university, many students share flats and rooms in student hostels. But the concept of coliving goes one step further. It is about spaces that are born as a response to the current needs of millennials and those workers who have been relocated to another country by their company. In this way, these co-housing units are designed ad hoc to offer their tenants private and quiet areas with common and open spaces to promote interpersonal relationships. Cinema or games rooms, library, restaurant, gym, outdoor areas built for sharing and socializing, but also private spaces with everything one can need.

Coliving is presented as an ideal solution for those who need somewhere to live with all the amenities. Shared houses create enriching work environments, reduce costs, and offer a sustainable and enriching lifestyle. In short, housing that lowers costs, increases the feeling of belonging and encourages good practice within the community.

Coworking or coliving? All the answers you need

Differences between coliving and coworking

Both are concepts that have denoted a turning point in society. New flexible models that do not seek to replace traditional ones, but rather to encourage new behaviors. Spaces that offer a balance between the common and the private while providing numerous benefits.

While coworking is intended as an open workspace, coliving is its residential evolution. In a coworking space, users come from their home or place of accommodation to work. Offices that give you the possibility to meet like-minded people, attend their events, create bonds, form a community with other people when you cannot or do not want to work from a home office. Collaborative atmospheres where special attention is paid to the interior design, with comfortable and flexible design furniture, outdoor areas, and common spaces for socialization.

Coworking or coliving? All the answers you need

Coliving, on the other hand, offers a different way of accommodation. Housing with social, work, and residential areas within the reach of any professional. In them, an atmosphere of creativity and synergies is generated while sharing living spaces, work st areas, or rooms. A perfect combination for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and life experiences.

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