Trino and the talent of Salvatori

Trino and the talent of Salvatori

9 April, 2021

trino table side table elisa ossino salvatori marble viccarbe

With an original design and a nearly sculptural appearance, the side table Trino, designed by Elisa Ossino, blurs the boundaries between contemporary art and functionality. Trino is born with a sculptural soul, a design capable of complementing all types of spaces. It is available in black or white and can be finished with three types of handles: metal, solid oak wood or green marble.

Salvatori, leading international firm specialized in natural stone, is the brand in charge of shaping this iconic green marble sphere for Trino side table. A key detail, made with the purest artisan precision, that manages to elevate the piece, providing sophistication and distinction to any room. Today we speak with Gabriele Salvatori, creative director and CEO of the Milanese company.

What does it mean “to create” for Gabriele Salvatori?

Creating is materializing one’s vision, doing things exactly as they were intended and, above all, doing them for the sole delight of doing them, without spending too much time reflecting upon roles or definitions. Create means letting go and believing in one’s instinct, following it with determination and confidence.

Just like we do, Salvatori collaborates and creates synergies with renowned designers and architects such as John Pawson, Piero Lissoni, and Elisa Ossino among others. What role does collaboration play in your identity?

Every collaboration that we have taken throughout the years has and is based on the exchange of our core values and principles. I want the people we meet share our spirit of innovation, by showing mutual respect and by having a special attention to the quality and sustainability of the product. I want them to share everything that my father infused in the corporative DNA.

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What does the collaboration with a brand such as Viccarbe represent for Salvatori?

Collaborating with Viccarbe lets us continue to keep alive the legacy that characterizes the companies that remain family-owned businesses, as it is our case; where the ethic, the morale, and the passion for what we do is not just respected but it is shared thoroughly in every step we take.

Salvatori es synonym to innovation. What is next?

Who knows? The specific cognitive ability of our mind, referred to as creativity, cannot be controlled. You can only learn to please it, and I try to do so every day. I do not know what project I will endeavor in the close future but, certainly, I know that it will always be focused on sustainability. My path, in this sense, has already begun and I intend to continue it firmly.

Salvatori’s website: www.salvatoriofficial.com
Instagram: @salvatori_official