Explore contract furniture and discover what it is

Explore contract furniture and discover what it is

22 April, 2021

Open spaces, accessible, with character, attractive, digital and with spaces where you can connect… Contract furniture is increasingly present in our lives, offering us complete experiences with a special environment that catches our attention. Nowadays, offering a good service is no longer enough, many companies are looking to have their day-to-day work in their own environment, which allows them to enjoy a singular and unique atmosphere.

Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of developing a good image of their workspace through the furniture in order to make clients and employees feel comfortable and relaxed in a professional environment. Nowadays, many offices, universities or education centres are characterised by their very careful, exclusive and original decoration.

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As specialists in contract furniture and design, Viccarbe explains in this post what exactly contract furniture consists of, what its characteristics are and, most importantly, what type of furniture makes up contract spaces.

What is contract furniture

Unex, the Spanish habitat and contract business association, defines contract furniture as: “a channel where a value chain of products and services is integrated, with specific engineering, with the aim of providing a global and specialised response in architecture, interior design and equipment for offices and educational centres, among other collective spaces”.

Contract design is characterised, above all, by the fact that it is mostly aimed at corporate clients or institutions, both public and private, who are looking for furniture with greater durability and a particular design for use in offices or educational centres. Contract furniture is not only distinguished by being resistant and strong, but it can also have a characteristic design and an aesthetic that makes each piece unique and exceptional, without losing sight of the corporate identity of the client or centre.


Explore contract furniture and discover what it is

Characteristics of the contract furniture

The use of contract spaces and furniture is mainly based on the need for companies to differentiate themselves from one another through furniture as a fundamental point. The characteristics that contract furniture intended for open and professional spaces must meet are:


There is no doubt that design and details must be included in every contract piece. Likewise, it is essential for companies to invest in the design of their meeting rooms or break rooms, and in the future this could mean a return on the economic investment.


The materials with which the contract furniture is manufactured must be of high quality, versatile and ergonomic, as well as its assembly and design. This furniture will have to be prepared to withstand the constant and daily use of many students and employees, as well as following the same aesthetic line.


The contract channel must meet certain standards of necessity and utility, allowing us to build spaces where our customers can work, converse, learn and interact. Contract products are integrated into the spaces for which they have been designed with the aim of offering the best results and dynamism.

Resistance and durability.

Unlike furniture designed for the home or spaces in a house, contract furniture is more resistant, as the space in which it is located (universities, offices or schools) is cleaned and disinfected on a daily and constant basis. At the same time, as it is present both nationally and internationally, it complies with safety and quality regulations, also promoting practices for the protection of the environment.


Explore contract furniture and discover what it is

The furniture that makes up the contract furniture

Do we really know who contract design is aimed at? This type of product is not only intended for offices, libraries or university residences with open and common spaces, but also Interior Designers or architects who are in charge of designing different furniture projects for companies can benefit from its features.

At Viccarbe we do not limit ourselves to Mediterranean style furniture, but we also develop different projects where we show corners and designs capable of transforming spaces:

Aleta Collection.

The designer Jaime Hayon created this collection for use both in public spaces (contract offices, offices or auditoriums) and in residential places. The Aleta collection, composed of chairs, armchairs and stools, is characterised by the details of the structure of its base together with a backrest that reflects its own personality and character.

Explore contract furniture and discover what it is

Burin table.

Designed by Patricia Urquiola, this piece won the #BestOfYear 2018 awards, and is perfect for combining in university cafeteria bars or offices with the stools from the Aleta and Copa collections. Available in different heights, the Burin Table pays homage to traditional carved wooden tools.

Explore contract furniture and discover what it is

Copa stool.

With a wide and comfortable seat, this contract chair is ideal for lounges and busy open spaces. The base of the Copa Stool is available in both wood and metal and can be swivel or fixed.

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Explore contract furniture and discover what it is

Levitt Sofa.

The Levitt Sofa is a contract sofa that fits perfectly in the home as well as for public accommodation. With backrests and bases in polyurethane coated and curved wood, it also features feather cushions as well as a cotton fabric cover.

Explore contract furniture and discover what it is

Burin Mini.

Another iconic design by Patricia Urquiola, the Burin Mini side table adds a fun touch to any room and is available in two matching heights. Together with the Levitt Sofa, both pieces are ideal for a lobby or waiting room.

Explore contract furniture and discover what it is

At Viccarbe, contract furniture company, we specialise in designing friendly, versatile and timeless pieces that can be integrated into a wide range of spaces. If you are thinking of including contract furniture in a specific environment or within an establishment, visit our website where you can get inspired by all our projects and products. If you prefer, you can contact one of our sales representatives.