Savina Outdoor sofa

By Victor Carrasco
Savina Outdoor sofa


The Savina design sofa joins our collection of collaborative furniture to enhance soft collaboration. An innovative cloud sofa that presents a new universe of comfortable working solutions for every office, workplace, home, hotel, or hybrid space.

With this modern sofa we reinterpret the feeling of sitting on a cloud or floating on water. A collaborative island that can be personalized to suit every requirement and moved easily thanks to its optional hidden casters. A flexible seating solution for collective spaces conveying both visual and physical comfort, designed to nurture synergies and bring the most pleasant working and lounging experience.

Choose from dynamic hidden casters, armrests, discreet electrifications, accessories, and upholstered seat modules to create your own Savina sofa.


Victor Carrasco


Born in Valencia (Spain) in 1974, Victor Carrasco began his professional career after graduating Cum Laude in Industrial Design Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Shying away from trends and fads, he has developed and positioned international brands with remarkable added value, thanks to his passion for synthesis, sustainable growth and his pragmatic vision of the future.