Víctor Tatay, from Adecco Group, talks about collaborative spaces

Víctor Tatay, from Adecco Group, talks about collaborative spaces

7 July, 2021

Me, in collaborative spaces

“Who said it was going to be easy?

We live a time where many companies are beginning to recover their strategic priorities from before COVID-19 times, and as well in a time where technology has helped us, sometimes even forced us to transform ourselves, innovate, trying new things or perhaps differently.

This changing environment in which we find ourselves immersed will most probably never abandon us, everything that surrounds us is now much more volatile and this digital economy will for sure stay with us for long. The massification of the internet, and the different information and communication technologies have caused a great deployment in all kinds of business and sectors with a big digital component. We currently have endless technological platforms to promote and boost the development of new businesses.

While it is the time to focus on the Customer – most known as Client Centricity – and on the People, the greatest asset companies have, even the biggest digital asset companies have as I heard my CIO mention many years ago; it is all about having a more holistic approach, to offer products and services to Customers which demand a first level experience before, during and after the buying or decision-making process.


Víctor Tatay, from Adecco Group, talks about collaborative spaces

For there to be a perfect harmony between the Client Centricity and the focus on People, the companies have the challenge of building more agile ecosystems that are intelligent and flexible. And collaborative spaces help us to achieve this, spaces that prioritize shared knowledge over individual learning. This new concept empowers employees, giving them more freedom, independence, and flexibility, erasing any architectural or physical barriers, fostering better social relationships, especially in organizations where different generations coexist (baby boomers, generation X, millennials, generation Z and many more).

In different studies it has been proven that collaborative spaces generate:

  • A good working environment, contributing to improve the mood
  • Higher motivation, less monotony, and less absenteeism
  • Encourages networking and the flow of ideas
  • Generates Brand ambassadors, retaining talent and attracting new
  • Improves productivity, being very beneficial for both the company and the employee

These demanding customers require companies that can create value proposals that are different, more creative, and innovative. A lot it is said about the creation of ECOSYSTEMS, of new collaborative spaces that force us to think constantly outside the box to find solutions putting the Customer at the core and being a solution that creates a huge added value.

This ecosystem can be found under the same company, from the same entrepreneurial group o perhaps by allying with external companies, start-ups, or consolidated businesses to find the best business opportunity.

Víctor Tatay, from Adecco Group, talks about collaborative spaces

I am convinced that the time for the PEOPLE is now, it is the time for TALENT, especially collective talent that multiplies exponentially the outcome. Furthermore, if we are capable from the company’s management team’s side, to alienate the purpose of the business with the purpose of our colleagues, it will be so much easier to achieve everything that we have commented previously: value alignment, participative, collaborative, inspiring style of leadership, an optimum working atmosphere that enhances a high level of engagement between teams…

Time is now! At Adecco Group we have a clear vision: different working spaces, shared between all the business areas (management of temporality, staff selection, development and training, solutions for outsourcing processes, integration of people with difficulties or career transition), with the goal of searching new ecosystems. And implementing agile methodologies to perform quicker, efficiently and in a productive manner.

At Adecco Group we know: Yes, to collaborative spaces and yes, to people, to happy people, to more fruitful people.”

Víctor Tatay

Regional Director at Adecco Group