Viccarbe 3D Awards – Interviewing Marc Portolés

Viccarbe 3D Awards – Interviewing Marc Portolés

10 March, 2022

The first edition of the digital contest Viccarbe 3D Awards has allowed every design lover – professionals and amateurs – to express their creativity through the creation of rendered images of collaborative spaces to raise synergies and interaction between people.

We received over 150 entries from more than 25 countries and finally, the jury composed by Marc Krusin, Kensaku Oshiro and Victor Carrasco chose Raquel Cullen and Paco Olcina (Spain) as winners of the first edition, with a prize worth 6000€ (3000€ cash and 3000€ to exchange for Viccarbe furniture). A victory that was at odds with the one from Marc Portolés (Spain), who ultimately won the second prize of 3000€ (1500€ cash and 1500€ to exchange for Viccarbe furniture), and the three finalists Elisa Martín (Spain), Eva Lea (Slovenia) and Sergio Llobregat (Spain).

We have interview Marc Portoles, second winner of our first edition of Viccarbe 3D Awards. Full interview to follow.

Viccarbe 3D Awards – Interviewing Marc Portolés

Marc, your design showcased an open space with great calmness, and our furniture in neutral tones. What inspired you to design it?

To create my collaborative space, I was inspired by the needs that have raised after the pandemic. I wanted to represent what for me would be a perfect environment in which to work, to feel free through wide open spaces, and serene in an environment surrounded by nature. All this with the help of natural materials such as the clay on the walls, curved elements and the neutral colors of the chosen furniture.

What motivated you to participate?

I really enjoyed the idea behind the contest. I have been following the brand and its designs for many years, so I was immediately attracted to the idea of creating a collaborative space with Viccarbe furniture and see up to where I could reach with my own creativity and knowledge.

What were you trying to inspire with your collaborative design? 

The idea was to create an atmosphere of calmness, serenity, and harmony, all in a physical space. I was able to achieve this using geometric shapes intertwined with natural elements and the use of Viccarbe’s collaborative furniture as the point of union between these elements, helping to add warmth and comfort.

What furniture collections did you choose and why?

I chose different furniture collections for the project. For the hall, I chose the iconic Common bench by Naoto Fukasawa, the Season sofa designed by Piero Lissoni and the Marteen side table by Victor Carrasco, ideal elements for the gathering area thanks to their modular system that adapted easily to the space. For the meeting room I used the Trestle table by John Pawson and Quadra chairs by Mario Ferrarini as its finish provided the lightness and warmth that I needed to create a cleverly balanced corner. To finish, I used another Trestle table in the more office-like area, this time in a triple version and in black. This was accompanied by Funda chairs by Stefan Diez, a collection that I enjoy due to its innovative production process that promotes circular economy. For the lounging area, Nagi armchairs by Tomoya Tabuchi and Eli tables were the clear protagonists as they provide an extra comfort that was very much needed in the space. I chose these above others as they were the ones that helped me the most to materialize the idea that I wanted to convey in the space and, in turn, allowed me to have a coherent storytelling between the elements.

What did you feel when the jury, composed by Marc Krusin, Kensaku Oshiro and Victor Carrasco choose you as winner of the second prize?

I felt honored and happy, not only for being named second winner, but also for the fact that designers such as Marc Krusin, Victor Carrasco and Kensaku Oshiro had given part of their time to analyze, qualify and positively assess my project. It is something special, something that does not happen every day.

Do you have a designer of reference?

I tried to get inspired in Viccarbe’s designs, those that transmit the serenity I required for my proposal. Those such as the ones of Naoto Fukasawa or Tomoya Tabuchi.

Which pieces from our collection would you choose to have a nice chat with them?

The ones I chose for my project, a Common bench and a Nagi armchair.

Any advice for the future participants?

I would tell them to spend time deeply understanding the objective of the contest and prepare their proposal around this. Stop and think what space would really be great for them, what qualities it would need to fulfill and how could it represent Viccarbe’s designs in the best way. From there, unleash their imagination and start creating the space.

Viccarbe 3D Awards – Interviewing Marc Portolés
Viccarbe 3D Awards – Interviewing Marc Portolés