The best chairs for remote working

The best chairs for remote working

31 January, 2022

We have experienced change at all levels these past years. In the work industry, many companies have adopted more dynamic and flexible working conducts for their employees. Corporations have implemented new processes and routines to adapt to the new times and overcome the challenges they were facing.

Some of these new conducts, including telework or combined remote working have arrived to stay. It has been proved that certain office jobs can be performed with success from anywhere in the world. The only necessary requirements are imagination, internet connection and a laptop. This is how remote working has been insured in our lives, combined with the physical attendance to the traditional workplaces.

To work swiftly from home and be as productive as in the office, it is important to establish the best corner for concentration. It is crucial to find a quiet and reassuring spot to be transformed into a home office corner, with a proper desk, good lighting, and an appropriate chair for teleworking.

Choosing the best chair to work from home is not an easy task as the offer is extremely broad as numerous brands exist in the market. It is also a very personal choice, but there are three clearly repeated features to consider when making the decision: design, comfort, and quality.

Here we have prepared a selection with our most recommended designer chairs to work from home. In addition to being very useful and practical, they all have the Mediterranean allure that represents us as a brand.

  • Copa Soft chair with casters, a design by Ramos & Bassols

An excellent desk chair for remote working and being efficient when we work from home. Its wide seat and enveloping backrest will keep you seated comfortably for longer than expected, helping you to perform skillfully. Its practical casters assure freedom of movement, and its sinuous, elegant silhouette makes it a key player for home-office scenarios.

The best chairs for remote working
  • Aleta chair, designed by Jaime Hayon

An iconic design by designer Jaime Hayon offering a wide range of possibilities for any working or living space. Thanks to its comfortable seat, the Aleta chair contributes to prevent back ache after hours of remote working at home. Furthermore, this designer chair can include comfortable armrests and casters, practical when teleworking and moving from one place to another. An all-rounder chair, thought to add comfort, practicality and bring a refreshing appeal to any room.

The best chairs for remote working
  • Maarten chair, Ecoalf Edition, by Victor Carrasco

If you seek a modern chair that unites sustainability and comfort in one, the Maarten chair, Ecoalf Edition, is the perfect piece for your home-office area. The Maarten chair, designed by Victor Carrasco, is recommended for demanding working environments looking for a practical designer piece for their desks. For the Ecoalf Edition version, the chair has been upholstered with recycled materials by the international fashion firm, renowned for their ethical production processes. A sustainable chair that makes working from home effortless and takes care of the environment at the same time.

The best chairs for remote working
  • Ears chair by Piero Lissoni

The Ears chair by Piero Lissoni presents a singular wooden structure that conveys warmth and texture to any room. Its comfortable upholstered seat promises comfort during the long teleworking sessions. Its balanced proportions and detailed craftmanship make it the perfect chair to work from home. Very recommended for contained spaces as per the trendy closet-offices but it is also ideal to match modern desks and dining tables.

The best chairs for remote working

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In Viccarbe we hold a great variety of designer chairs to work from home or from the office. All our collections stand out for their versatility, the light and the Mediterranean spirit and the clear bet towards sustainable materials from local areas. We create comfortable and flexible furniture to bring new behaviors that lead to the best collaborative working solutions. If you need extra inspiration, explore the rest of our collections here.