Minimalist design table for collaborative spaces designed by John Pawson. A wooden table made from solid oak that brings richness, texture, and dimension to any environment intended for work or leisure. The wooden table can include our patented electrification solution, one that seamlessly conceals cables through the leg without any visible joints or screws as it is fitted by pressure. Foro can also include a discreet powerbox that integrates naturally on the tabletop.

The collection is available in multiple sizes to accommodate up to 8 chairs.


John Pawson


John Pawson was born in 1949 in Halifax, Yorkshire. After a period in the family textile business he lived for a number of years in Japan, moving to Tokyo towards the end of his stay, where he visited the studio of Japanese architect and designer Shiro Kuramata. Following his return to England, he enrolled at the Architecture Association in London, leaving to establish his own practice in 1981.