Warm Minimalism: the ultimate style guide by Viccarbe

Warm Minimalism: the ultimate style guide by Viccarbe

4 May, 2023

Gone is the old concept of minimalism. One where white, cold, and austere spaces ruled. Where classic “less is more” motto was understood as almost impersonal interior design. Over the years, the minimalist aesthetic has evolved and has been transformed to create balanced, serene, and welcoming spaces. It is not a break-up, but rather a transition where comfort and well-being are paramount. So, warm minimalism is a trend and here at Viccarbe we share all the keys to style it into your home or office.

What is warm minimalism all about?

Warm minimalism combines minimalist aesthetics with the warmth present in natural materials. The “less is more” maxim understood as the reduction to the essential and finding the beauty in simplicity. A harmonious sanctuary that eliminates the superfluous to give significance to those decorative and architectural elements that speak for themselves.

Spaces created for comfort and functionality. In them, the warmth of materials, mix of textures, softness of colors, relaxed lighting, craftsmanship and nature release stability and serenity. A perfect trend to dress all kind of spaces and projects. From retail to contract, hospitality or residential. In all of them, the need for calm and wellbeing is imperative.

Warm Minimalism: the ultimate style guide by Viccarbe

The keys to warm minimalism

First, we must create clean and open spaces. Without artifice, overload, or visual distractions. Where only the essential is visible. In addition, tidying up will maintain a balanced and pleasant atmosphere. In this way, warm minimalism gives off the best of Nordic design, Japanese aesthetics, and Mediterranean style.

Natural tones and soft textures

Undoubtedly, warm minimalism is distinguished by a very natural and neutral color palette. Warm white tones, soft greys and natural wood create the ideal base for this decorative style. In addition, soft textures, and natural materials such as wood, linen or wool provide that feeling of warmness and comfort. These are fundamental elements for creating long-lasting spaces that are resistant to trends and the passing of time.

Warm Minimalism: the ultimate style guide by Viccarbe

Quality and functionality in materials

Investing in quality materials will help to turn spaces into exceptional and functional places. On one hand, natural wood or micro-cement are the ideal options for flooring. On the other, texture and softness are sought for walls. Stone, marble, or materials with an imperfect and hand finish such as cement, lime, sand or clay are perfect for this style of minimalist interior design.

Subdued and natural lighting

Lighting plays an important role in warm minimalism. Spaces that avoid cold and bright lights and goes for soft and warmer ones. For example, indirect lights and table lamps will bring a cozy feeling to the environment. In addition, this aesthetic calls for plenty of natural light. For this reason, any curtains should be made of airy and breathable fabrics that allow light to flood every corner.

Warm Minimalism: the ultimate style guide by Viccarbe

Ergonomics in furniture

Warm minimalism seeks functionality and the practical use of all the elements that make up the space. And of course, the furniture pieces cannot be less. Furniture with simple shapes, designed to be comfortable and practical. Simple design, pure lines, and noble, natural materials. In this sense, designer John Pawson demonstrates it with mastery. In his Trestle and Foro collections for Viccarbe, he creates proportionate pieces that adapt with great flexibility to time and space.