Q&A with designer Mario Ferrarini

Q&A with designer Mario Ferrarini

4 November, 2022

When Mario Ferrarini devised the Quadra collection, he was inspired by the small details and tools of architectural drawing. Having this in mind, Quadra was made up of two steel frames, that complement each other in perfect harmony. Ferrarini wanted to represent two dancers in dialog with the space, narrowing their position and creating movement interpreted in the shape of a structure. The oak seat acts as the perfect counterpoint, conveying warmth and gentleness to the piece.  A perfect symbiosis between precise lines and the kindness of the Mediterranean spirit.

Q&A with designer Mario Ferrarini
Q&A with designer Mario Ferrarini

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of having Mario Ferrarini visiting our headquarters in Valencia. Get to know him a little bit better in the following Q&A:

Tell us the first word that comes up to your mind.

Just the sound of the breeze and the power of silence.

Where do you source your inspiration for your designs?

People and the beauty of nature are my greatest inspirations.

Describe Viccarbe in three words.

Smart. Heroes. Focused.

How do you kick start your workday?

I will have a gigantic mocca and a stretching routine for flexibility.

Do you prefer  studio based work or remote working?

Depending on when I wake up, but on a daily basis I usually combine both working at the studio and home-office.

What do you believe is the best part of teamwork?

When emotions become the only way to move forward and no one is shy to share their opinions. Be yourself, and watch the team flow.

If you were not a designer, who would you like to be?

A black cat.

Tell us a song that gets you focused. 

La Cura, by Franco Battiato. A classic, a real expression of altruism with all the love power. The world is forgetting this. Design outcome is something like that, an explosion of tachycardic energy.


Q&A with designer Mario Ferrarini

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