Home-office: work remotely with design

Home-office: work remotely with design

14 November, 2022

Telework or remote working is now an important part of our daily lives. Creating a space at home to work or to help the little ones do their homework has become a real necessity. However, the lack of square meters means these new spaces are sometimes integrated into other shared areas such as living rooms, bedrooms, passageways or even kitchens.

Finding the perfect place to be able to concentrate and be productive at home can be a bit complicated. This is why, from Viccarbe we want to share with you some tips to professionalize your home office with contemporary design and modern vibes. By following our advice and with a little creativity, you will be able to get ideas to design a home office area that will inspire you.

Home-office: work remotely with design

Choose the right space

The first thing you should do is find the best spot at home to set up your home-office. A warm, quiet, and cozy place that invites you to concentrate and focus. Away from high transit areas and TV screens. With good light, a suitable desk, and a comfortable chair, you will achieve an ideal office for teleworking. In this sense, the Ears chair by Piero Lissoni will bring harmony, comfort, and warmth to any workspace.

Ergonomic furniture

Mixing personal and professional always takes its toll. So, start by choosing furniture that suits your work needs. Practical and comfortable desks and office chairs that become your second skin when working long hours at home.

Optimize the space

If you have a modest home, you will have to play with creativity and imagination. The use of mirrors will optically double the space and the passageways will become your greatest allies. For example, use bare walls to place a worktable or integrate it in the primary bedroom to fill it with life and make use of those areas that were unused until now.

Home-office: work remotely with design

Hybrid working for two?

Whether you are two people working from home or have kids who also need space to do their homework, it is essential to create flexible corners and workstations at home. Adjustable swivel chairs such as the Maarten designed by Victor Carrasco or the Copa collection by Ramos & Bassols will offer different heights, versatility, and comfort to the home-office. In addition, the tables Trestle, Foro or Cambio with their electrification and wiring options make them an excellent choice for its infinite solutions for working at home.

Commitment to verticality

There is no doubt that storage is something you should consider when looking to transform your home office with contemporary design. Upright and tall shelves will make the most of the space while bringing visual balance and functionality to the atmosphere. Commit to verticality and gain in organization.

Home-office: work remotely with design

Make the most out of natural light

Natural light has a positive influence in our mood and productivity. Look for bright rooms and try to place your desk near a window. In addition, we recommend selecting good quality curtains or blinds that help to filter out the light and heat in the hottest months.

In touch with outdoors
It is becoming more and more essential to be in touch with nature. This is why if you are lucky to have a terrace at home, it is becoming increasingly common to set up your office outdoors. The sculptural Burin table by Patricia Urquiola together with Maarten Outdoor chairs will provide you with the comfort and functional design you need for outdoor work.

If on the contrary, your home does not include a terrace, there are other options that can help you connect with nature. Incorporate small trees, plants, or fresh flowers into the workplace to create an encouraging environment. This will help reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Home-office: work remotely with design

Take care of the small details

Pay attention to every detail of the interior design. Balanced colors will evoke calm and concentration while rugs and decorative accessories will bring warmth into the living space. It is important to choose pleasant elements to decorate your home-office without sacrificing tidiness and cleanliness.