About Polyvalence

About Polyvalence

7 March, 2019

Let’s talk about pieces that were born as authentic icons and that are capable of representing an intermediate point between the past, the present and the future.

The constant desire to call things by their true name led recently to a new expression of a way of understanding the world: broad, free and sophisticated. At that time, these designs were enshrined as contemporary classics. They are the ones truly responsible for the possibility that jumps in time can disappear in the same space.

These creations have successfully shed unnecessary excesses and synthesized their most functional language, without ever renouncing the creativity that their designers have ingrained in them. Let’s just say they can convince you that they’ve always been there. They remain intact over time and are a symbol of a permanent modernity that does not consider fashions or passing trends. Neither do they believe in the ephemeral, but rather in the truth of a useful and balanced design. This is their greatest virtue…

For Viccarbe, the versatility of a design is a revolution that is fought in silence. Fitting in perfectly in very diverse spaces. Without fading, and without losing their visibility.

The same piece, the same piece of furniture, changes completely depending on the sensitivity of the person who selects it. Their fabrics, their finishes… make it possible for the same design to be integrated into very diverse spaces: from purely architectural boxes to deeply lived and baroque spaces.

Because of all this and more, intuition tells us that sophistication will always pursue values such as warmth or versatility. Because we believe in pieces that succeed in provoking reason in a subtle way.

From our point of view, the balance between character and flexibility will be the key to the future. Today’s interiors can be minimalist or maximalist. However, authentic contemporary classics will simply remain timeless.