Viccarbe + TEDxUPValència: curiosity and beyond

Viccarbe + TEDxUPValència: curiosity and beyond

21 February, 2019

A new edition of TEDxUPValència lands in our city. And we at Viccarbe couldn’t have imagined a better starting point for collaborating with this format of inspiring talks. Furthermore, we feel very identified with the leitmotiv of their new event, baptized on this occasion with the name of ‘Curiosity‘. Here some reflections…

“It’s about the desire of knowing. About all those things which provoke surprise. It’s going into the unkown. Feeling that tireless desire of discovering new horizons. Something so very addictive that makes we feel like conquering the world…

Creativity and critical thinking have been considered as essential ingredients of  knowledge. Placing togeter values such as curiosity, diversity and equality, we can transform our society and environment”.

On the 22nd of February TEDxUPValència will cellebrate its 4th edition, with Viccarbe as part of the event design.

The link between Viccarbe and the Politechnic University of Valencia dates back to the beginning of our path to the design field: in this college, Víctor Carrasco studied engineering in industrial design and earned the impressive cum laude distinction for the final project of his degree . That’s why we feel so proud about this collaboration with their Alumni community.

Viccarbe is the fruit of a shared dream, and a story based on humility, learning and admiration for the furniture industry.

We just could say… Long live to curiosity!