By Ludovica Serafini+Roberto Palomba


Suggestive, balanced and unexpected. Levitt is a comfortable sofa designed to be seen from every angle. Certainly a benefit when chosen for hospitality or retail projects.

With the aim of being as versatile as the user requires, this modern and comfortable sofa tailors any specific needs spaces might require. A design sofa without stridency, with the exact dose of personality and with fluid forms that converse with everyone who sits in them.

Now available a curated selection of fabrics available as standards, stocked in Spain, for the fastest delivery under our fast track program.


Ludovica Serafini+Roberto Palomba


Their sign is mature and controlled, which binds coherently like a fil rouge, very different projects, where every function, every shape, every aesthetic is transverse in a temporal dialogue from one object to another from one company to another, a deconstructed vocabulary that generates a free vocabulary because as they claim “No freedom can restrict the freedom of others”.

In 25 years they have investigated practically all the types of furniture, dressing with emotions the functions without ever being repetitive even if they are recognizable.