New designs by Mario Ferrarini, Ramos-Bassols, and Víctor Carrasco

New designs by Mario Ferrarini, Ramos-Bassols, and Víctor Carrasco

8 April, 2019

For another year, Viccarbe has selected the renowned Salone del Mobile to present its most recent designs. As a new feature, we have changed our location this year, moving to the exclusive hall 20.

On this occasion, the stand showcases itself as a refreshing oasis within the fair, designed under the leitmotif Mediterranean Collaboration. A perfect stage for the brand’s newest additions, fully conceptualized under the stamp of a balanced, warm, and friendly design.


Viccarbe - Quadra, by Mario Ferrarini

QUADRA CHAIR – by Mario Ferrarini

Guided by the desire to create coherent and balanced designs, the meticulous work of Mario Ferrarini has shaped a new chair with refined and synthetic proportions. The shape of its metal structure represents a clear tribute to the elegance of the compass and the perfection of the draftsman’s square typically found in the architectural field.

Ferrarini’s new design is a convenient option for projects that require excellent functionality and durability over time (educational spaces, coffee shops, meeting rooms, homes…), and can additionally be stacked in large quantities.

Metaphorically, Quadra is made up of two profiles that manage to complement each other in perfect harmony. Two dancers in dialog with the architectural space, narrowing their position and creating movement measured in the shape of a structure, to which is added a wooden seat as a counterpoint and source of warmth. Without any visible screws, it offers the sturdiness of a chair ready for heavy use.


COPA CHAIR – by Ramos-Bassols

Copa is the result of Viccarbe’s tireless search for extraordinary comfort. Presenting a backrest with sinuous and particularly enveloping lines, the new Ramos-Bassols chair joins the collection with a wide range of bases.

Standing out for its versatility and adaptability to the space, it upholds comfort as the common denominator at all times. The silhouette, inspired by the shapes of an elegant crystal glass, encapsulates the perfection of David Ramos and Jordi Bassols’s idea of contemporary design. This new chair emerges as a product with defined, warm, and pleasing lines, offering the most comfortable seat that Viccarbe has to offer.


MAARTEN PLASTIC CHAIR – by Víctor Carrasco

Maarten Plastic symbolizes Viccarbe’s venture into polypropylene: a particularly durable material that is more adaptable to the user’s movement, capable of complementing the Viccarbe collection from a use and function point of view.

This new version of the chair maintains the rhomboid-shaped seat that is characteristic of the Maarten family, seen in the collection since 2012. Added features include a wide range of bases (four legs, sled, swivel, pyramid, wheeled…), and the option to be stacked for some of these, an excellent added value for shared spaces.

With the addition of Maarten Plastic, Víctor Carrasco reinforces his trajectory through the design field with the creation of iconic, timeless, and Mediterranean pieces that are both comfortable and affordable. Durable for facilities, yet welcoming in homes.