Introducing Giro and Bamba by Pedro Paulo-Venzon

Introducing Giro and Bamba by Pedro Paulo-Venzon

12 December, 2017

Viccarbe has added Giro and Bamba to the exclusive collection, Viccarte. Through these two new side tables, the young talent from Brazil, Pedro Paulo-Venzon, proposes a redefinition of the perspectives that design usually works with.

On this occasion, in shaping these two pieces, their creator has taken inspiration from the borders between the local and the global, tradition and modernity, industry and art. This contrast has remained a constant throughout his work.

Similarly, this new collaboration at Viccarbe is the materialisation of the connection between cultures, such as the Mediterranean and the Brazilian, which may initially seem very distant but turn out to be connected by the wealth and strength of their creativity.

The philosophical nature of Pedro P. Venzon’s work, together with his youth and great talent, have captivated Viccarbe from the moment his proposal was discovered.

Pedros work is poetry and at Viccarte we feel truly proud to share it with the world” – says Víctor Carrasco, founder of Viccarbe.

The addition of Giro and Bamba expands the existing Viccarte collection’s catalogue of two pieces: the armchair Ad-Hoc, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, and the side table Up in the Air, designed jointly by Ramón Úbeda and Otto Canalda.

Viccarte emerged with the purpose of creating pieces that are iconic and unique in their concept and design and which, today, are present in the most exclusive locations in the world.

Introducing Giro and Bamba by Pedro Paulo-Venzon