The most successful chairs in collaborative offices

The most successful chairs in collaborative offices

3 June, 2021

Did you know that a person spends about eight hours a day sitting at their workstation? Probably more than the time spent sleeping.

More and more offices are reinventing their workspaces to adapt to the new times, with the aim of achieving higher performance, motivating their employees, improving productivity or the development of group functions, for example. It is clear that, in this type of space, collaborative work flows by itself.

There are many pieces that make up a collaborative workspace or office: tables, stools, dividers, low seating, armchairs or chairs, among others. Collaborative offices are increasingly valued in any facility, centre or space, as they boost the creative capacity of employees and the development of new ideas.

That is why, in this Viccarbe post we are going to focus on mentioning which are the features you should take into account to choose the perfect collaborative chair for your office, giving you also some examples of our own pieces and designs.

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4 features when choosing the right collaborative chairs

There is no doubt that investing in collaborative furniture for our office is an essential step to ensure that our employees are familiar with and feel comfortable in their workspace.

Within the collaborative workspaces we can say that the main protagonists are the office chairs, of which we are going to mention below a series of characteristics to choose the most suitable and in accordance with the design project of a collaborative office. But, before we get into the subject, let’s remember what collaborative offices or spaces used to be:

“These are all those open-plan offices whose main objective in the choice and distribution of furniture is to favour collaboration between people”.

Here are some features to consider when choosing the right chair for your collaborative office:

Allow for greater comfort

Purchasing and choosing a good chair for working in a collaborative space is very important. It is necessary to take into account the comfort factor when choosing our chair, because if it is not comfortable, it can have a negative impact on the way we end up developing our work in the future. A good chair in a collaborative space adapts to the user, not the other way around.

Improve and increase productivity

No one imagines that an employee can be more productive at work solely because of where he or she sits. Thus, working in the right position and adjusting our body to a chair will provide us with more well-being, energy and will have a positive impact on our health. At the end of the day, a modern collaborative office chair that improves the posture of the worker will directly influence the way they work, their motivation and productivity.

The most successful chairs in collaborative offices

Made of quality materials

Both the upholstery of the collaborative chair and the materials it is made of are key elements when it comes to choosing the piece that best suits our business. As for the upholstery, it is important to choose chairs that are characterised by being resistant and also easy to clean. In terms of materials, chairs for collaborative offices are dominated by modern, avant-garde and attractive components such as solid wood, metal, upholstery…

Designed and produced by expert manufacturers

When choosing chairs, it is essential to opt for quality pieces. At Viccarbe, as experts in designing, manufacturing and distributing zero kilometre furniture worldwide, we offer you a wide range of products, as well as answering all your questions and finding the collaborative chairs that best suit your needs.

The most successful chairs in collaborative offices

Within the chairs we can find a wide range of models, typologies and types of pieces. Below is a selection of some examples of chairs from different collections manufactured, designed and produced by Viccarbe:

Aleta Collection.

In 2017, designer Jaime Hayon created the Aleta collection for Viccarbe. The Aleta chair is perfect for collaborative office spaces, as it has a backrest and legs that give it Hayon’s personal character. Within its wide collection, we can choose the Aleta chair that best suits us: with a metal or wooden base, with armrests, swivel, with a wheeled or flat base…

The most successful chairs in collaborative offices

Season Chair

This highly original upholstered collaborative chair was designed by Piero Lissoni. With concealed castors, the Season Chair is characterised by its extraordinary comfort and discreet presence. As well as being both comfortable and elegant, Season is perfect for the home, restaurants and collaborative offices.

Maarten Chair

This swivel chair manufactured by Víctor Carrasco is composed of a lacquered steel structure and an upholstered seat. The Maarten chair has countless versions that adapt to the needs of its users, such as: smooth upholstery, with arms, swivel base, with wheels, pyramid base or with four legs, among others.

The most successful chairs in collaborative offices

Ears Chair

Designed by Piero Lissoni, the Ears chair is characterised by a very light material that is also resistant to the passage of time, such as oak wood and a metal structure. Thanks to the shape of the piece, its style takes us back to the 70s. This piece is the ideal choice for different private and collective spaces such as waiting rooms, offices, work areas or meeting rooms. In addition, the design of the Ears armrests allows it to embrace the user.

The most successful chairs in collaborative offices

If you are thinking of incorporating a model of collaborative chairs suitable for your office design project, you will certainly find all these factors useful, as well as the different chairs that we manufacture at Viccarbe.

Did you know that with our online configurator you can customise your chair with the materials of your choice? Access it completely free of charge from the product page of each product on our website and discover a world of designs.