New Viccarbe Mediterranean Magazine

New Viccarbe Mediterranean Magazine

22 November, 2018

We are thrilled to present the very first issue of our new magazine. A Mediterranean concept of catalogue that has allowed us to reflect on some of the basic ingredients of our constant quest for balance.

It is already available to download; you will find the Viccarbe collection behind the scenes, different interviews, deep reflections on contemporary design and many additional contens related to the Mediterranean creativity.

As a first approach, we invite you to read the Welcome Letter -specially prepared for the occasion by Víctor Carrasco, Viccarbe’s Founder and Strategic Director-. We hope you enjoy the read.


Balance is the key component in positive relationships, well-dressed salads, sustainable businesses, and long-lasting designs. When the correct proportions are maintained between the backrest of a chair and its seat, legs, and arms… When all the elements make sense together, that is when balance is achieved. In the same vein, at Viccarbe, we interpret balance as a global concept that helps us improve the wellbeing of our surroundings thanks to:

 —New, innovative ideas to inspire collaborative spaces with a Mediterranean touch, working side by side with the very best international designers.

—Respect for our competitors by seeking a unique and complementary offering that enables us to occupy our market position in such a way that benefits each party.

—Agility and flexibility in the search for new trends and technological solutions, and a rapid response time that ensures our stakeholders truly feel like partners.

—Guaranteed quality of our products by means of strict external certificates in order to achieve both proper implementation and comprehensive user safety.

—Sustainable raw materials selected solely from responsible suppliers who share our corporate culture.

—The competitive pricing of our collection -not too high, not too low- which enables us to continue to maintain our exciting international expansion in a sustainable manner.

 One could say that these are some of the basic ingredients of our constant quest for balance. I hope you enjoy the read. Welcome to Viccarbe.

New Viccarbe Mediterranean Magazine
New Viccarbe Mediterranean Magazine
New Viccarbe Mediterranean Magazine