Discover the most popular office furniture trends for 2023

Discover the most popular office furniture trends for 2023

1 January, 2023

New year, new office. With the arrival of 2023, it is time to spot the trends that will sway in offices and collaborative spaces. Certainly, today’s needs have created a new work scenario that has led to new ways of working, and it is essential that furniture adapts. The design revolution is already here to create more comfortable, flexible, productive, and attractive work environments. Pay attention to these trends as we are sure they will define the way we all work from this year moving forward.

Enhancing wellbeing in the office

When speaking about wellbeing we refer to everything connected to physical, mental, and emotional health of the team. This is why it is important to create workspaces that meet their requirements and help to improve productivity and overall performance. It is essential to choose the right furniture to remain comfortably for long working hours, find balance between natural and artificial lighting and consider the ventilation and temperature of the office space.

‘Zoning’ the workspace

The new workspace will be flexible and dynamic, or it will not exist. This is how the growing trend of incorporating different environments in offices is born. Areas for physical activity, outdoor green spaces or zones for socializing and disconnecting will help to reduce stress and improve the wellbeing of the workforce. In short, evoking the essence of restaurants, cafeterias, libraries, or gyms that flees the traditional concept of formality associated with conventional corporations. These new workplaces will be designed to stimulate inspiration, innovation and creativity and encourage collaboration and teamwork.

Discover the most popular office furniture trends for 2023

Hybrid work environments

Offices need to become open and versatile collaborative spaces that can easily adapt to the latest demands. In this sense, modular furniture becomes the ultimate ally. An example of this is our Savina, Common, Season or Sistema collections, collaborative pieces that invite to join forces, work together, and interact through their infinite possibilities. Flexible furniture that transforms and connects spaces and users, fighting against the well-known sedentary work environment.

More awareness and sustainability

Social awareness and sustainability have a direct impact on office interior design. In 2023, more efficient and environmentally conscious spaces will be pursued.  Immense amounts of energy consumption will be replaced by global corporate strategies for decarbonization. In addition, green spaces are gaining ground and we can already speak of biophilic design as a key element in corporate interiors. A concept that refers to including plants and gardens in office spaces. A resource that not only improves the interior design, but also helps to reduce stress levels and contributes to cleaner air.

Discover the most popular office furniture trends for 2023

Design matters

It has been proven that interior design influences mood and emotions and therefore the power of design will need to be considered more seriously. The offices of 2023 will be equipped with organic, irregular, and curved shapes to create more dynamic, friendly, and fluid spaces. Natural materials such as stone or wood will give offices great warmth. Cheerful and vibrant tones will improve the mental wellbeing of the team and walls dressed in peaceful art will enhance their creativity.

These are the trends that are set to hit the ground running over the next twelve months. Take note of all of them for your interior design projects and let yourself be inspired by our collaborative collections.

Discover the most popular office furniture trends for 2023