Torre Urduliz Offices – Vizcaya

Torre Urduliz Offices – Vizcaya

The architecture firm NorthHome Studio has renovated the central offices of Torre de Urduliz building in Vizcaya, Spain. This new space located on the ground floor of the building contains the offices that manage the rest of the workspaces of the skyscraper.

Torre Urduliz is an emblematic building, built back in the 60’s, to house offices for a single local firm. The new proposal for the tower implies creating a multidisciplinary space which fosters collaboration, where different companies can work and cooperate, arrange meetings and even share celebrations and exhibitions, transforming into much more than a conventional work location.  The new offices will provide customers with a more modern, customer-friendly environment, with improved facilities.

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Location | Vizcaya, Spain

Design | NorthHome Studio

Photography | Biderbost Photo

Products | Maarten Table and Maarten Chair, Víctor Carrasco · Trestle Table, John Pawson · Brix Armchair, Kensaku Oshiro