Viccarbe & Mamás en Acción

Viccarbe & Mamás en Acción

3 January, 2020

By the end of 2019 we carried out a very special initiative by the hand of Mamas en Acción. In Spain we celebrate Christmas time, but also wait for the Three Wise Men… They come on the 6th of January to every single home – bringing presents from the very Far East.

On these dates, some children aren’t that lucky and and need a little help from society to see their dreams come true. This year -thanks to Mamás en Acción- we received special letters and carefully read them with emotion.

We wrapped their presents and answered their wishes, right as we were the Three Wise Men theirselves. Thank you so much to Mamás en Acción for inviting us to paticipate in this very special initiative. The team is really grateful!