Viccarbe & Steelcase

Viccarbe & Steelcase

2 November, 2021

My grandparents used to say: “You are who you surround yourself with”.

Proud to announce the merge between Viccarbe and Steelcase, worldwide leader in the office furniture industry, to build together an ambitious and disruptive project that will lead the collaborative furniture sector internationally. After more than 10 years of collaboration in the United States, we have decided it was the right moment to join forces and benefit from all the opportunities this new global scenario conveys.

Those who know me appreciate I only bet on long-lived relationships with superior added value, those which make me evolve as a professional but above all as a person.

There is not a day in which I don’t wake up wondering what I can do better and differently. For this we could never have chosen a better business partner than Steelcase, to help raise Viccarbe to the top. Thanks to its global distribution network and with the demands of a leader who is listed at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and has over 110 years of background, this is a dream come true for our entire team, the people who truly deserve this historic milestone.

We answer many of the questions received these past days:

  • This agreement is an integration between companies, and the continuity of the whole team at Viccarbe is key. They are the main protagonists of this step forward, which are provided with a unique opportunity within the number one company in the industry.
  • Steelcase is the holder of the shares and I, as founder and strategic director, continue to remain entirely committed to the project through a fully linked agreement, as well as maintaining the ownership of all the industrial facilities to build together the most solid and long-lasting project.
  • Our suppliers will continue to work under the finest standards to increase our productive capability, creating as many quality jobs as possible.
  • Viccarbe will operate as an autonomous subsidiary under its own label and will continue to support its existing network of dealers and clients globally.
  • Steelcase and its distribution network will continue to be the sales force for the contract market in America, including United States, Canada, and Latin America.
  • Viccarbe will continue to sell worldwide in the residential and hospitality channels (hotels, restaurants, retails, malls, etc.) without limitation.
  • Our current price list and sales terms and conditions will continue to be valid and will be the price reference for our dealers.

Your usual point of contact in Viccarbe will be pleased to help you solve any queries and make any clarifications.

  «Everything must change for everything to remain the same» Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa

Finally, I would like to thank all our clients for the trust and the efforts of our collaborators during all these years, for having contributed to help us become an international benchmark. None of this would have been possible or would have made sense without them, and now more than ever our priority is to continue to offer our best designs and services to continue growing together.

The best is yet to come because everything is yet to be done…Welcome to Viccarbe.

Victor Carrasco, Founder | Chief Strategy Officer