Made in Spain · km0

Made in Spain · km0

16 April, 2024

The choice to making it at home, in Spain. Doing our best and strictly following our philosophy, which is committed to offering designer furniture that fuses the classic with the contemporary and always seek elegance, naturalness, quality and timelessness without falling into passing trends.

The city of Valencia has always embraced a deep sensibility for furniture and craftsmanship. A city with its own light, with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, where artisans, designers and professionals in the industry live to raise value to authenticity and local quality and equity. That’s why Viccarbe was born and bred here, reinforced by this Valencian know-how that exalts the passion for detail and optimum quality.

All with 0km suppliers. At Viccarbe we design and manufacture furniture ‘made in Spain’, putting people at the centre. Furniture that allows you to create secure spaces of trust to make everyday life more kind and encourage collaboration and connections in all its facets. Our extensive network of specialised local suppliers means that we avoid the superfluous relocation of goods and consume only what is truly necessary. This allows us to reduce our environmental impact and become a much more effective and efficient company.

These achievements are not only ours, they’re also yours. Thank you for standing by us and keeping Viccarbe a living story.

Made in Spain · km0