How can pCon.Planner help you design your projects

How can pCon.Planner help you design your projects

3 May, 2021

With the hype of the digital era, professionals in the world of architecture, interiors, decoration or design are using online platforms and tools that aim to improve and facilitate their work through the creation, design and distribution of layouts and drawings in 3D.

Through these online applications, professionals can design sketches and draw plans easily before even starting to build anything, helping them to get a more precise idea of what the project will look like before it goes into making.

If you are looking to simplify your work, plan layouts and projects easily plus prepare simple budgets of your proposals in just one click, in this new Viccarbe post we tell you everything you need to know about the free pCon.Planner tool and how it can help you when space planning.

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What is pCon.Planner?

The pCon.Planner platform is a free online tool for design professionals who want to configure and create projects quickly and easily, with access to the catalogue of multiple furniture brands.

Thanks to pCon.Planner, it is possible to create space layouts or plan 3D design proposals in order to facilitate both the creative process and the presentation of the project. In addition, nearly all the furniture in Viccarbe’s collection is available to use in the pCon software and, very soon, the full catalogue will be available. To dress your projects with our mediterranean furniture, simply browse the Manufacturer Catalog and choose your favourite items from Viccarbe. Then, drag them easily onto your design layout and you will have it done.

How does pCon.Planner work?

To easily access pCon.Planner and its wide range of design products and technical data, either from a computer, mobile devices or Tablets, follow these steps:

  1. Register. To enter the platform, you will need to register simply by clicking on this link and then, you will receive an email confirmation from our team confirming you are now a new user of pCon. Please note that your application can take, approximately, up to 24 hours to be approved. You will have to log in from the invite link to be able to download our furniture catalogue and have access to it in the pCon software. In case you have already created an account, simply click on Login.
  2. Download DataClient. Once you have logged in with your username and password, you will need to proceed to download the DataClient program. To do so, in the Applications section located on the side Menu, click on Select on pCon.planner Marketing Edition. Then, click on pCon.update not installed?, download the pCon.update DataClient file and install it.
  3. Install DataClient. Once you have the pCon DataClient assistant installed on your electronic device, you will need to re-enter your credentials to access. Next, click on Update schedule to receive notifications about any updates automatically.
  4. Get your data confirmation. In the meantime, you will have to get your account approved to have complete free access to the platform; on average it usually takes 24 hours.
  5. Download the data. In order to download the data from pCon, you must run pCon.update DataClient, install it and start downloading.
  6. Invite your colleagues. If you have followed these steps correctly, you are ready to start and even invite your friends and colleagues. With pCon.login you can manage users, software licences or request configurable data, for example.

If you need more information about how this interior design software works, you can download this quick guide that includes more detailed information.

Advantages of using pCon.Planner in projects

The virtual platform pCon.Planner offers a number of possibilities and advantages, such as:

  • Design 3D spaces for free. This software allows users to instantly create highly detailed three-dimensional room plans with furniture from many brands such as Viccarbe, edit them and make changes and finally, share your final proposal with your clients. Everything free of charge and under the same tool.
  • Insert CAD models. You can include CAD models, also called computer aided design, in formats such SKP, DWG or 3DS, for example, in your design plans.
  • Generate high quality images. With pCon.Planner you can quickly create realistic and high quality 3D plans and 360 degree images of your projects.
  • Everything centralised in one tool. Under the same platform you can access detailed and complete information of your proposals, full-scale drawings and even accurate budgets with all the furniture involved.
  • Work with BIM files. You can also work with BIM files to configure your plans, as well as import them in IFC format and continue to use the same building model throughout your design.
  • Create quick and visual budgets easily. With pCon software you will be able to create budgets of your design proposals, with clear images of the products featured. Manufacturers pricelists are always up to date so there is no margin to error and no time is wasted. For example, a useful feature for the french market is that pCon incorporates the eco-tax when preparing a budget, this is a special compulsory tax in France that offsets the damage caused to the environment by organisations or users who bear a tax burden, when generating any new budget. Time saving, productivity and efficiency is guaranteed with pCon.

Sometimes it can be difficult to organise, design and plan the design of an interior space. However, thanks to platforms like pCon.Planner you can develop your creativity to the fullest by taking advantage of its different functionalities.

From Viccarbe, as experts in design and manufacture of mediterranean furniture for collaborative spaces in contract, hospitality, retail and home projects, we encourage you to download pCon.Planner: time saving, great quality and improved productivity.