Fair play

Fair play

At Viccarbe we are committed to a production model based on sustainability, unlike others who seek only to profit by outsourcing their production at any excuse to low-cost countries with little concern for the environment, workers’ rights or intellectual property.

Our goal is to achieve an end product of the highest quality manufactured under the principles of honesty and respect for both the environment and human life. Fair play.

If we aren’t part of the solution, we’re part of the problem, and only we can decide the future we want for the generations that follow by keeping ourselves informed of the origins of the products we buy.

Because we believe in a fairer world for everyone, Viccarbe manufactures all of its components in Europe under strict measures of supervision.

Be Original: supporting authentic design

It is a pleasure to inform you that since our Fair Play program, Viccarbe partner of the prestigious institution Be Original Americas has been made.

Our true belief by the design and innovation has led us to join this association that supports the interesting task of informing, educating and influencing public awareness of the value of the original design and to combat counterfeiting.