Viccarbe x Ecoalf

Viccarbe x Ecoalf

22 April, 2020

Viccarbe and the fashion brand Ecoalf join forces in the pursuit of maximum innovation and sustainability within the furniture industry


The first result of the collaboration is a new upholstered line made with Ecoalf fabrics, produced from recycled materials. The aim of the agreement is to lead the journey to sustainable innovation within the design industry. Thanks to this new joint venture, Viccarbe will integrate the latest innovations in terms of sustainability into its product development and Ecoalf will explore new product categories beyond the fashion industry.

Viccarbe and the successful fashion brand Ecoalf present a new strategic agreement with the main goal of joining efforts and implementing new sustainable innovation policies in product development. As drivers of innovation within the fashion and design sectors, Ecoalf and Viccarbe join their know-how in order to lead the journey to sustainability within the contemporary furniture design industry.

The first phase of this exclusive collaboration will involve the use of Ecoalf’s fabrics in the Viccarbe collection, and the furnishing of their headquarters and stores around the world. The second phase will involve the development of a new line of furniture «Ecoalf by Viccarbe».

Since 2012 Ecoalf has revolutionized the fashion field by offering a new generation of products with the same quality and design as the best non recycled. With the mission to stop using natural resources in a careless way, Ecoalf has developed over 400 fabrics using recycled plastic bottles (PET), fishing nets, coffee, post-industrial cotton and wool… transforming them into clothes, footwear and accessories. Today Ecoalf represents the products and fabrics for the future generations.

As contemporary furniture manufacturer, Viccarbe has landed in many different spaces around the world thanks to multi-faceted, warm, and timeless designs. Its Mediterranean lifestyle and collaborative philosophy are part of homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, cafés, airports, schools, universities and libraries from more than 70 countries.

The new «Viccarbe x Ecoalf» collection
As a first step of this collaboration, Viccarbe’s iconic Maarten collection will add a new upholstered line made with Ecoalf fabrics, produced from recycled wasted resources (plastic bottles, fishing nets, post-consumer coffe grounds…). This new collection will be available from next Summer onwards. What’s more, both brands are already working on new furniture pieces. To develop these new designs, the two firms are launching a R&D project to ensure not only that all materials are recycled but also that at the end of their useful life they can be easily separated for subsequent reuse and recycling, thus generating a perfect ecosystem of circular economy.

 “Ecoalf is much more than just a fashion brand, it’s a sustainable lifestyle experience, and collaborating with Viccarbe gives us the opportunity to explore the furniture universe and pursue this journey beyond fashion. It is an honor to be a part of this project, sharing our knowledge of technology and recycled fabrics, and transforming them into timeless designs. I believe Viccarbe and Ecoalf share strong design and quality values and today we join forces to present a timeless piece that offers design, serves a purpose, and has an impact on the environment.” – says Javier Goyeneche, Founder and President of Ecoalf.

“Viccarbe is an international leader in collaborative furniture with strong Mediterranean roots that make our collection admired for its friendliness and positivism; Ecoalf fully agrees with our innovative vision and respect for everything around us. Both companies strive not only to be the best companies on the planet, but to be the best companies for the planet; we are very excited about this strategic partnership. The main goal is to create furniture together that will make us feel intensely proud”. – says Victor Carrasco, Viccarbe’s President and Founder.

Sustainability as a whole
The aim of the campaign is to highlight the responsibility of manufacturers and agents involved in the furniture industry, and to impact the environment in the most positive way possible. This new joint venture has been created under Ecoalf’s slogan “Because There is No Planet B“, the brand’s standard since its inception. Ecoalf is the first Spanish fashion brand to be recognized as a Bcorp brand, which acknowledges the best companies for the world.

The commitment to sustainability represents a sine qua non value of Viccarbe since the very beginning of its journey. In 2007 the company received ISO 14001 certification, for its excellence in environmental management. This long-term challenge has framed specific initiatives and work policies in regards product development, resources management, as well as the search of wellbeing for the persons who work at the company.