Signage for Social Distance

Signage for Social Distance

8 May, 2020

Viccarbe and Jaime Hayon present a new signage to kindly foster social distance when going back to collective spaces

As referent manufacturer of contemporary furniture, Viccarbe and the designer Jaime Hayon suggest a new signage that helps to make kinder the gradual way back to social spaces, such as offices, cafés, restaurants, hotels, airports, among others. This new graphic design comes to life as an alternative to usual signage -technical and not that friendly-, with the aim of outstanding the kindest face and raison d’être of collaborative spaces. The main goal is to keep the security required in the new normality and allow new ways for socialization and knowledge exchange.

“Positive messages reinforce the feeling of comfort, when inside a space” – Under this motto, the new signage will remind the minimum distance of 2 meters / 6 feet recommended for public spaces. The sticker is available in three different sizes (small – medium – large), as well as in five different colors, for being adapted to every type of surfaces.

The free download of these graphic applications is available at Viccarbe’s website, so the public can print and include it at their own spaces. A perfect occasion for having an artwork of the renowned artist Jaime Hayon and keep it in time. A sign of the so-called transitional normality that society faces today and the collaborative spirit that both Viccarbe and Hayon lead through their work.