New Viccarbe Unique
1 October, 2020

New Viccarbe Unique

There are many things that make you unique. Happy to introduce our new Viccarbe Unique program, born to help you express your brand’s identity through bespoke pieces. This new program offers customization for some of our collections, to make them even more singular and adjusted to your requirements.

To have your own Viccarbe Unique piece, with your logo or your company name, you can choose from having it engraved or embroidered.


Thanks to the most innovative laser technology, we are now able to engrave an image on stained wood with precision and optimum quality. You can personalize many of our collections in matt oak.


We can embroider your logo, message or company name onto any of our upholstered product families to create a custom piece for any area of your space. A singular feature available for the complete Viccarbe portfolio.

It is all about creating one-of-a-kind items to impact for a lifetime.

To be part of Viccarbe Unique, get in touch with our team at info@viccarbe.com.


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