The ‘Designed in the Sun’ Manifesto
28 March, 2019

The ‘Designed in the Sun’ Manifesto

We were born in the Mediterranean: the place where design lives free of all pretense. An area where our characteristic irony blends with a calm and relaxed character, and where there is no room for unnecessary excess. Where our joie de vivre brings a perfect balance of emotion and reason.

In the Mediterranean, aesthetics blend perfectly with purpose. Without ever overpowering each other, the form and function of each piece can coexist in perfect harmony.

For centuries, our city has been the meeting point of many civilizations: we are a particularly inclusive and open society, and one which, throughout history, has seen diverse traditions spread through the fabric of society.  Collaborative work has also been a constant in Mediterranean culture, constantly providing us with innovative points of view.

Every day, the light exerts a powerful influence on our perspective of design: a varied, broad concept that is as scientific as it is human. Thanks to the light we are creativity, energy and character. We are naturalness and spontaneity. This light is captured in our passion for colors, in the warmth that we convey and in our attention to detail, as well as in our sense of humor and in how we care for our friends.

In short, there is a filter through with which we have been able to define our reality. It is precisely this filter that has helped us to be inspired by our international collaborators, with pleasing shapes and materials as the result. Our collection today is an indispensable part of spaces where collaboration and dialog flow. This is the consequence of our Designed in the Sun.

Because without a doubt, values such as diversity, responsibility or passion will be forever on our side.


Pictures_ Klunderbie for Shawcontract  | Flooring designed by Formuswithlove.


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